SaultOnline/ONNtv – 2021 Local Candidates Debate


Full coverage of our 2021 Federal Election debate with Liberal candidate Terry Sheehan (incumbent), PC candidate Sonny Spina, NDP candidate Marie Morin-Strom and PPC candidate Kasper Makowski.

Includes questions submitted by members of the community as well as a candidate-to-candidate question and answer segment.

Cast your vote as to who you feel will end up representing the Sault area in the upcoming election.

What top three sectors do you feel all levels of government should be focused on for economic diversity, stability and growth in our area?




  1. Election 2021 : Conservative verses Liberals or
    Democracy verses Dictatorship
    It really just boils down to this : The Liberal problem may be it is no longer cool to cool to like Justin Trudeau. Fame can be fickle and the Trudeau brand is now crashing. On 9/11 , Mr. Trudeau said all we to do is stand up against Racism and Islamophobia , there are greater goals than just Mr. Trudeau playing Air Guitar on the World Stage. The ultimate goal of the Liberals is to stay in power forever. Even if Mr. Trudeau wins a Minority Government , the Liberals will continue to maintain their pseudo- dictatorship. Canadians need to return Democracy to Canada and put an end Mr. Trudeau’s COMMUNIST Dreams.

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