Sheehan On Businesses and Workers Support


A re-elected Liberal government will continue to support Canadians workers and businesses.  Yesterday, Chrystia Freeland, Liberal candidate for University–Rosedale, joined Irek Kusmierczyk, Liberal candidate for Windsor–Tecumseh, and Sandra Pupatello, Liberal candidate for Windsor West, at a roundtable with local business and labour representatives.

Workers are the backbone of our economy, including here in Ontario. And they have been deeply affected by the pandemic. That is why our Liberal government has been there for them during these difficult months with programs such as the CERB, the wage subsidy, and the rent subsidy. With the successful rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, we are finishing the fight against COVID-19, and building a better Canada – for everyone.

A re-elected Liberal government will make life more affordable for Canadians and will grow the country’s economy by:

Extending the Canada Recovery Hiring Program to March 31, 2022, so businesses can hire more workers and Canadians can get back to work;
Creating a fairer collective bargaining process by introducing legislation to prohibit the use of “scabs” when a union employer in a federally regulated industry has locked out employees or during strikes;
Move forward with providing more low-wage workers with up to an additional $1,400 to ensure that no one who is working full-time lives in poverty;
Increasing the number of training opportunities for workers;
Providing seniors who chose to stay in the workforce with up to $1,650;
Moving forward with affordable child care for all Canadians; and
Ensuring every Canadian has access to a family doctor or primary health team.
And this builds on the important work that we have already accomplished to support workers and businesses through the pandemic:

1 out of 4 Ontarians benefited from the $500 a week CERB so they could continue paying their bills and putting food on the table;
$15/hour federal minimum wage;
2.1 million Ontario jobs protected with the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy;
$1.8 billion to support Ontario businesses and organizations pay their rent, mortgage, and other expenses;
Low-interest loans for Canada’s hardest-hit industries, including the tourism and hospitality sectors; and

“As the MP for the Sault and area I have worked incredibly hard to protect, enhance and position businesses and industries in the Sault for the future,” said Terry Sheehan, Liberal candidate for the Sault and area.  “I worked alongside Minister Freeland to fight Trump’s steel tariffs, advocated for Algoma Steel and its workers throughout the restructuring process and have secured more funding for Algoma Steel than any other MP in the Sault’s history.  We’ve also made substantial investments in Heleine Inc., for its production of solar panels and invested substantially in Tenaris Algoma Tubes, to solidify its future right here in Sault Ste. Marie. When elected, I will continue this work to protect business, industry and all of the hardworking employees here in the Sault and area.”

“When COVID-19 first hit, we stayed true to our core conviction – just as we did during the NAFTA negotiations with Donald Trump – that Canada is best and strongest when we stand together. That’s why we put in place robust economic programs – a comprehensive safety net – to help people and businesses get through the pandemic,” said Ms. Freeland. “Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives have consistently tried to deny workers and businesses of the essential support they need to weather the crisis. We cannot let them take us backwards. We need to finish the fight against COVID, grow our economy, and keep moving Canada forward – for everyone.”


  1. Pierre Trudeau set up the Multiculturalism Act in1988 and set up a scenario where billions of Canadian Taxpayers dollars would flow through to immigration and multicultural organizations over the decades. In doing so Pierre Trudeau and than his son Justin Trudeau began the cancellation of the English and French-Canadian bi-cultural identity. So here we are today , what Mr. Sheehan and the Liberal Party is really talking about is jobs and job security for non English and French Canadians . Mr. Trudeau said he plans on bringing one millions new immigrants into Canada for the 2022-2023 period. No thanks.

  2. It’s past time for Sheehan to go as well as the rest of the faltering Fiberals. They’ve been living high off the hog long enough with little in return except more taxes, more debt and more grief.

  3. Goodbye Terry! Goodbye Justin! Goodbye Doug!

    We see how you handle and opportunistically ride a pandemic.

    Get out. We need to get back to work and reopen this country. Twitter Flu is over despite the lambda variant fearmongering.

  4. Trudeau and his libs have had their day in the sun but we need them out because this vax passport and other endless COVID nonsense is going to do more damage for generations than Twitter Flu ever will. Election is just around the corner. We need to make sure that boy wonder’s unnecessary and vain election is a historical own goal. Bless!

  5. Folks, what do you think the feds could have done with $610 Million tax dollars that trudeau’s libs have squandered to call this wasteful, dangerous & self serving election. Folks, trudeau’s ego wants a majority….. that’s it, plain & simple. No matter the cost. The budget will balance itself right, oh heck, trudeau doesn’t care how much debt he leaves to our kids & grandkids. His family is set for life !!! Folks, we have the wrong leader at the wrong time & the wrong place. And after trudeau introduces basic income, your kids future will be that much more burdened. Ask the liberal mp at the door why trudeau called this election. His answer will make you cringe. Of course it will all be “BS”. Mark my words. Good luck to all of us who have to pay the piper. By the way, it looks pretty clear that trudeau made a huge miscalculation with this election call. MAKE HIM PAY folks !!!!!!!!!!!

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