Shopping cart by-law now in effect


The City’s Shopping Cart By-law that outlines a comprehensive system for the regulation of shopping carts in the City of Sault Ste. Marie is now in effect.

As part of the by-law, business owners who provide shopping carts to their customers are required to develop and file a plan with the City’s Director of Public Works and Engineering Services identifying which measures it will take to keep the carts on their property or to retrieve them. The plan must include details of the business owner’s operation and timeline of how carts shall be retrieved and returned to the business owner’s premises, a description of the owner’s carts including any easily identifiable features and the contact person and information for the business owner who will be called if carts are found off site.

“Effective immediately, businesses can be fined for having shopping carts left on sidewalks, boulevards and paths throughout our City,” said Susan Hamilton Beach, Director of Public Works and Engineering Services. “We recognize that business owners face great challenges in the collection of their carts and we will work with these businesses to provide practical controls and a system to assist in facilitating the pick-up of abandoned shopping carts.”

The By-law outlines various prohibitions for businesses including customers removing shopping carts from a business owner’s property. The By-law also provides enforcement tools in the event of non-compliance that includes written notice to the business owner to collect their cart and a fine of up to $5000.00 per day for non-compliance. If the business owner fails to comply, the City may collect and remove the cart at the owner’s expense.

The shopping cart By-law went into effect on September 7, 2021. Businesses must provide their plans to the City’s Director of Public Works at [email protected] for review and approval. For more information visit or phone 705-759-5201.


  1. It’s a bylaw now folks…. my coworker explained to me that if a homeless man steal a cart and police find him wheeling the trolley down Bay St for example, then the police … because of this new bylaw… may now execute him on the spot without legal repercussions

    So don’t steal that cart! It is so easy to just put it back in the “cart corral” and no violence will ensue

  2. Now we have another bylaw on the books. Why don’t these inept councillors try to figure out how to enforce the bylaws on the books now. I don’t think 50 percent of the bylaws ever get enforced.

  3. What ridiculous backwards thinking. No wonder criminals have the run of this town.
    Just another day in the backwater town of Sewer Ste. Marie.
    Guess those tourists should be coming in droves now!

  4. This is going to work out great…
    These businesses will pass the added cost of this system down to us, the consumer. Another prime example of the working class paying for the deadbeats and thieves in this city.

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