Temporary Road Closure McNabb Street between Brien Avenue and Campbell Avenue

Road Construction

The City’s Public Works and Engineering Services Department would like to inform motorists that McNabb Street between Brien Avenue and Campbell Avenue will be closed until Thursday, September 9. The closure is necessary to facilitate sewer lateral replacements.

During this time, construction signs including road closed, detour and directional information will be posted to direct traffic through the area along designated detour routes. Motorists are urged to be cautious and obey all detour signage.

The City of Sault Ste. Marie thanks its citizens for their patience and cooperation during this temporary road closure period.


  1. So my comment was deleted.. That’s OK.. I will post it in more delicate terms.. Who was the moron that decided to pave McNabb and then do laterals??? Somebody somewhere that isn’t related to somebody should be held to task for this… The asphalt hadn’t even cooled yet before they were back digging it up…Go ahead and pull this one, Sault Today, and I will start mu own Blog… Tired of this one-sided censor- ship that you people use…

  2. And Sault on line, never mind your moderation..Stupid is stupid anywhere you find it, and this screw-up on McNabb is a classic example of the beauracratic stupidity that goes on at city hall every day…

  3. Does somebody somewhere in the planning department not look at a piece of paper and say”Shit, we gotta make a sewer connection or a water connection” before they pave the damn street??? The asphalt hadn’t even cooled on McNabb before they were back digging it up again for a sewer or water connection… What in hell is wrong with our city employees in power that they can’t look at a plan and say, “wait a minute, lets get this done first.’… Some of our city staff should be disposed of and replaced with a couple of monkeys… Bananas are way cheaper than the money we pay some of these airheads….

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