Terry Sheehan, victor in local election


Mayor Christian Provenzano offered the following remarks of the 2021 Canadian Federal Election:

Mayor Provenzano and City Hall

“On behalf of the City of Sault Ste. Marie and City Council, I want to congratulate Terry Sheehan on his re-election as our Member of Parliament. Terry has always worked hard for our community and I am confident that he will continue to do so. I appreciate the positive and productive working relationship that we have developed and I look forward to it continuing.

I would also like to congratulate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government on its re-election. I believe the Prime Minister has demonstrated a strong commitment to Sault Ste. Marie. I look forward to finalizing projects that are underway, undertaking new initiatives consistent of common interest and working together to address critical challenges like climate change.

To all of the candidates who put their names forward and the countless volunteers that supported their campaigns, thank you all for your time and your effort. It takes commitment and dedication to participate in a campaign and you should all be recognized and commended for your efforts. Our democracy depends on your participation, and your City is grateful for your respective contributions.

I also want to recognize the hard working volunteers and Elections Canada staff for making sure we all had the opportunity to vote, and for their dedication over the past few days during the vote counting process.”


  1. My take on Soo Todays non-Comment Explanation:
    Our Goal is to Create a Safe Place where Mr. Trudeaus’ Liberal Government can issue edicts without fear from Pubic opinion and comments: In order to do we have temporally removed the Constitutional Right of Free Speech for all Canadians. **See China’s Public Internet Restrictions for more details.**

  2. It will be near impossible to bet Mr. Trudeau in the next election also. He has the media working for him, he has all immigrant votes in Canada voting for him. Expect a few more million immigrants coming to Canada by than and financial backing from Asia and the Middle East. The Usa supports him because Mr. Trudeau is taking all the immigrants that the Usa doesn’t want. Lets not forget all those stupid Canadians that are buying into all those con games Mr. Trudeau is putting forth , colonialism , murder, racism , bigotry just to name a few. If anyone is responsible for the Residential Schools in our generation it’s Pierre Trudeau , he was the one running them not the Canadian public. Mr. Trudeau is smart , he knows once people buy into something they will do nearly anything he tells them to do.

  3. There isn’t much news about the 2 Canadians released from jail in China and about that Chinese executive that was set free. Mr. Trudeau isn’t even bothering to hide the fact that he and the Chinese Government had some sort of deal going on to help Mr. Trudeau get elected again . I am not sure if Canadians know this but Mr. Trudeau gives the Chinese Government billions of our taxpayers dollars every year and there are about 10 Chinese PM in our Canadian Parliament. I wonder how many there will be now.

  4. Well, folks, this ill timed, dangerous $610 Million trudeau orcastrated election is over !! Wow… and guess what, we’re right back where we started. Only 1 thing, $610 Million less tax money to pay for the Billions & Billions that trudeau & his sidekick, jagmeet will be spending, until the next election. $1 Trillion……. heading towards $2 Trillion DEBT !!!!! But, what else is really hard is that we have to continue to put up with the nauseating, self righteous & completely incompetent voice of this pompous pm, justin trudeau !!!! By the way, interesting that breaking news of the continuing SNC Lavalan scandal comes out right after the election. Wow, isn’t justin fortunate !!! Just like the truth about Hunter Biden comes out right after his dad Joe is elected as president. Both sides of the border heading for the same economic cliff !!!! Folks, is there anyone who is going to save us minions from these left wing whack job extremists !!!!!! I think James Bond, Batman & Robin are too busy !!! Now, locally, I sure hope Terry Sheehan shows a little bit of humility. You see, Sheehan should have lost the election this past Monday. Sheehan won by just over 200 votes. Last election he beat Spina by over 2700 votes. A couple of reasons why Sheehan won, in my opinion. First, I think too many of my italian friends voted liberal. Many of these people can’t see that this is not the party of Carman Provenzano. Many of them once supported the ndp. Then they switched to liberal. Folks, this trudeau led lieberal government is more extreme left then the ndp !!!!!! Second, the max bernier ppc took about 2,000 votes, most of them could have gone to Sonny Spina. Wow…. think about it, an extreme right wing party was instrumental in securing the win for an extreme left wing lieberal party !!!!!!! It’s surly laughable if it weren’t so very, very sad. Sonny Spina was and is head & shoulders the better candidate of the two. Sonny would have been a strong voice and a very dedicated representative in Ottawa. Sadly, because of a lot of naïve people, he will not. Folks, out taxes are going up !!! The spending will be out of control, as trudeau & his sidekick jagmeet are going to continue to spend like a couple of drunken sailors, on leave, from reality !!!! Your tax money !!!!! Your DEBT !!!!!! $1 Trillion…….$2 Trillion ……..$3 Trillion !!!!!! All borrowed money !!!! And guess who gets to pay the bill ????? Not the millionaires, trudeau & sidekick jagmeet !!! No, it’s YOU, your children & your grandchildren !!!!! Yes, folks, these guys are nauseating !!!!! Now, these two fake juniors will be nauseating & really, really expensive on your wallet. Oh, Terry & justin’s lieberal bill will be in the mail & it’s heading for your address !!!!!!! Good luck folks !!!!!!

  5. Conservatives can’t even get elected in a town full of boomers and rednecks. Lol. The cpc is in decline and in 10 years will be irrelevant outside of the prairies if they don’t ditch the conspiracy theorists, Bible thumpers and gun nuts.

  6. King Trudeaus’ policy is take from the poor and give to the rich, himself, to spend as he wishes. Sheehan will be twice as fat come next election and the people who he pretends to represent will be twice as poor.

  7. I can look this information up, but the article might be more complete if it included the final vote tally, and some comments from the incumbent himself. The article is dominated by the Mayor’s comments. Just saying.

  8. PPC cost Conservatives at least 10 seats. Locally PPC recieved nearly 2000 votes which split the vote here and might be deemed a wasted vote. Will the PPC fold in the near future? Quite likely.

    • Thank you Ron.
      And Maxime Bernier is happy counting the money he received from Justin.
      I said that long ago. It was a trojan horse working for Trudeau in two fronts, Quebec and then Ontario and Alberta and by extension in the whole Canada.
      Trudeau and everyone else knew the vote was gonna be very tight and what he needed was to push the extreme right appealing to the deep “nationalistic sentiment”. Trudeau then found Bernier who is convinced the Conservative Party Leadership belongs to him and is distilling his resentment and they both cut a deal… it was a win-win deal on the back of all Canadians. But, now Canadians must realize that Bernier is appealing to the white supremacist and that will as well benefit Trudeau in the next election, which is coming very soon, much sooner that we can think about.

      • Jeff, probably you are right, but that’s not the case at this time. I’ve not intention of harming your political feelings. There are many good political leaders within the Liberal Party, but unfortunately they can not get to the top when they have to compete with the name Trudeau and the support it gathers from all sectors.
        And please, let alone Mr. Otoole being the right leader to win the past election.
        I still believe that will be an election very soon, specially after the NDP leader made public his opinion about the trudeau past government.

  9. And now we can sit back and watch our community continue to rot as a result of Sheehan & Trudeau’s policies.
    Heavy taxes scheduled to increase annually, increasing crime thanks to their catch & release system, future covid lockdowns & restrictions due to the open border because Sheehan & Terry put other countries first, higher inflation due to their spending & borrowing, higher food costs due to the carbon tax and increasing taxes on farmers. And the list goes on.

    • It would seem over 12 thousand voters disagree with you. It is better for us to have a liberal member(Sheehan)in Ottawa when the Liberals are in power. At least money will continue to flow into our city during this sitting of Parliament.

      • The only flow of money with the liberals is out of our pockets! Now that the elections are over, we won’t hear or see Sheehan until the next election, just like the last time.

      • And over 12,000 voters agree with me, there was a difference of 1% that voted for Sheehan. Hardly a resounding victory.
        If you noticed the only time money started flowing was while campaigning. Terry was basically the Polkaroo the rest of the time. He voted against bills that would have helped our crime, voted against easing tax burdens on our local economy, voted against a tax reduction for farmers which would have reduced food costs. He did however push for the northern immigration but without boosting our resources first so now we’re even more strained than before. People here have no clue about the link to Trudeau’s bill C-75 and increasing crime (that began to spike a year after Trudeau took office). So many uninformed voters, some even solely on social media as their source for information. Sad.

        • Well, according to the social media I’ve encountered, C 75 and a host of other current ills are all Harper’s fault . The Harper card, yet again. I read one post where the writer suspected that C75 was pushed through by an O’Toole minority government, so she would not be voting for him. So, no, I’m in complete agreement that social media is not always one’s best source of info

    • did Trudeau and Sheehan invent opiates?
      because that is what is ravaging our community.

      your blame game and outrage doesn’t help, and while i’m not a Liberal it doesn’t take more than a semblance of critical thinking to realize the opiate crisis is widespread nationally and internationally.

      but i’m thinking your the typical contemporary conservative whom is more interested in complaining and feeling aggrieved than in contributing to societal change.

      • The opiate problem is serious in every city. However we have W5 telling us we are the worst. This is compounded by our own people telling everyone that our city is decaying. We are a small city with no surrounding population, therefore our tax base is not what other cities have . Everyone wants something but nobody is willing to give up anything . Those that keep asking for a rehab clinic or more policing would be the same ones complaining that our taxes keep increasing. I don’t like C-75 and i would like to see more criminals spend time behind bars, be it a rehab penitentiary or whatever you want to call it. Court ordered treatment while serving their sentence instead of charging someone then releasing them over and over again.. And yes i don’t mind paying a little more in taxes to see this happen. What is happening now is definitely not working.

        • We’re paying a little more in taxes every year with promises to fix things – but notice nothing gets fixed and taxes still go up?
          Carbon taxes were supposed to magically fix pollution and carbon footprint – but is it? Nationally, we don’t know and won’t know – Sheehan voted against bills bringing transparency to Canada meeting climate change goals.

      • No, Trudeau & Sheehan didn’t invent opiates but their policies, cuts, changes to the criminal code, changes to border security and changes to funding provided to provinces and mental health programs have been cut which directly drive these overdoses.
        Since 2016 (about a year into Trudeau’s first term):
        -joblessness increased overall
        -crime increased overall
        -violent crime increased
        -gun crimes with black market guns increased
        -workplace violence increased
        -domestic violence increased
        -inflation increased, highest in decades
        -suicides have increased
        Justin Trudeau is a bad fit for Canada but his PR wing is incredibly strong and engaged so people aren’t aware of this.
        All they know from media is “Trudeau good, evil conservatives bad”.

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