705 Sports: Greyhounds looking to win back to back games vs Kitchener Rangers


The Soo Greyhounds made a statement with a big win earlier in the week over the Kitchener Rangers, surprising Hounds, Rangers and OHL fans around the province. With that win the Hounds moved up to second in the Western conference and they are looking to create some space between them and the Rangers.

If the Greyhounds are going to get another huge statement win there are a few things they will want to clean up from their last meeting.

No penalties!

For most of this season the Hounds have really struggled with slowing down other teams power-plays. However, the team’s last game vs Kitchener they did a great job, not really letting the Rangers get anything going while up a man.

The Rangers have the tenth best power-play in the O. I am sure the coaching staff from Kitchener is going to come up with a new game plan to make sure that when they go up a man, they score.

If the Hounds can stay out of the box, this will not be an issue they even need to worry about.

Get the top line going again

On Wednesday, the Rangers really focused on shutting down the Greyhounds top players. The Hounds have been a team that mostly scores with their top line and their power-play. The power-play did get one goal and it was by one of their top players however, for the first time this season, the line did not seem to dominate.

The Hounds did a good job of getting secondary scoring, something that has been an issue this season. I feel they will still need to get that secondary scoring however, the top line will need to get going if they have a chance of winning again tonight.

Play a full 60 minutes

I felt the Greyhounds controlled most of the game on Wednesday but, most is not all. There were times when the Rangers really took over, opening the door and giving themselves a chance to win. Samuel Ivanov made some key saves for the Hounds when they let the Rangers back in the game but that could have cost them a big win.

Kitchener is too good to give them any space. You have to keep your foot on the gas, never giving them a chance to get their game going. They are going to come out a lot more hungry after taking the loss. The Greyhounds need to be ready.

Going back to back

If the Hounds can clean these 3 areas plus, do the same things right that they did in their last win, they have a very good chance of winning this game.

Just to recap here are the keys from the Hounds last victory.

  • Out-shot the Rangers 35-22
  • Won over 60% of the faceoffs
  • Hounds PK looked the best it’s looked all season
  • Samuel Ivanov played his best game of the season
  • Strong play at both ends of the ice

Puck drop is at 7:30 P.M at the Dom Cardillo arena in Kitchener Ontario. We should all be cheering so loud from home that our hometown heroes can hear, Go Hounds Go!