AffordAbility Fund Trust Concludes Energy Saving Program


PUC seeks Customer Feedback

After four years of helping the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie make energy more affordable through the AffordAbility Fund Trust (AFT), PUC Services would like to announce that the program has concluded. We would like to thank everyone for their participation.

The goal of the program was to help Ontarians who did not qualify for low-income programs but wanted to conserve energy to help reduce their electricity bills. The AFT program has had an overall positive impact on the energy use within our community. PUC Services and the AFT were able to provide energy saving measures to 6,800 residences in Sault Ste Marie which, represented 8% of the total provincial uptake for the program.

While PUC Services managed the program, we could not have delivered the measures without the support from local business, through assessments, installations and delivery of measures.

The AFT made the decision to complete the program as of Sept 30th resulting from an oversubscribed budget and new program availability. With the completion date having passed, PUC is unable to complete any further deliveries. If you were unable to participate in the AFT program or want more information on other energy  programs available, please visit the Energy Affordability Program page.

PUC is interested in hearing feedback regarding this program and invites anyone who participated to contact us about their program experience. Keeping us informed allows us to stay connected to our customers, our community and helps us serve you as best as we can.

To provide feedback regarding the AFT program, please contact: [email protected]



  1. Don’t care! If it’s not a COVID tracking app designed by whoever Ontario contracts to get my data leaked all over the Internet, I’m not downloading it! I don’t want your crappy program!!

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