All vaccinated Ontarians can now download enhanced, scannable certificates


TORONTO — All Ontarians vaccinated against COVID-19 can now download their enhanced certificates, which include a QR code.

The provincial government has said the scannable documents will allow for faster entry into settings that require proof of vaccination.

The enhanced system officially takes effect on Friday, but Ontarians can get their new vaccine certificates before then, and businesses can start using a new app to verify those codes.

Residents whose birthdays fall between January and April were able to download the enhanced vaccination certificate through the province’s COVID-19 website on Friday, and further cohorts got access over the weekend.

Under Ontario’s vaccine certificate program, only those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — or have a valid medical exemption from a doctor — can access certain settings.

They include theaters, gyms, nightclubs and restaurant dining rooms.



    • can you drive without a license or insurance?

      can you get into George Leach without a membership?

      can you buy alcohol without proving your age?

      can you legally own a firearm without your FAC?

      why do some of you want to be oppressed so badly?

      • Luc, no one wants to be oppressed. We don’t enjoy having to proverbially “sit at the back of the bus”. But we don’t accept having to be forced to take an experimental drug of which no one knows the long term effects. This so-called “vaccine” has killed more people than all created vaccines combined, and that’s not to mention the hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions. And all for a “pandemic” with a 99.7% survival rate. No thanks, I’ll take my chances.

    • which papers?

      drivers license?
      car insurance?
      blockbuster card?

      it’s almost like we have to show papers for all kinds of things in daily life. we are sooooo oppressed.

      • Can’t remember the last time I had to show paper proof of any of those things. You speak like it’s a daily occurrence; like we’ve always lived in a “Papers, please!” reality. Was never the case. None of those examples are necessary for living a ‘normal’ life.

        If gov’t numbers are to be believed (seems highly unlikely, but let’s go with your assumption) then 18% remain unvaccinated.
        So we’re talking about keeping ~1/5 of people at home instead of the 1/500 that are immuno compromised that led to all these mandates in the first place. Makes absolutely no sense.

        Further, many of the vaxxed I know do not support passports or boosters and so whatever the true %age is that supports tyrannical gov’t, it’s decreasing by the day as more and more pull their heads out of their sand.

    • this may shock you but covid mandates are provincial and the conservatives are in power. your partisan whining doesn’t pass even the most basic of sniff tests.

  1. No thanks. The Ontario government historically employs bottom of the barrel tech firms for cost; they cannot be trusted to make decisions about our data, or anything apparently.

    I’m sure some Renaissance man liberal Internet commenter who is in addition to being a virologist and epidemiologist also an expert in app development, mobile security, and data warehousing, will explain to me how it’s just pointless shovelware to automate downloading a PDF bro, like last time?

    If that is true, what’s the point of downloading the app and not just digitizing your own to scan?

    If it’s not true, my concerns are legitimate – you’re giving away telemetry and data to an overreaching government willingly.

    • steve , then don’t download the app. But do you see absolutely necessary to blast everything the government is doing. I know you are a virologist and epidemiologist all in one but remember about 82% of the population are disagreeing with everything you say . Perhaps you can find some allies in the other 18% .

      • @unknown author – 82% of Ontario means nothing to me. Especially considering there’s a large number of Ontarians who boycott Wendy’s because of their “unnaturally shaped ” hamburgers. There are also many people who have been calling on a Canadian ban on wearing flip-flops during the pandemic to slow the spread of covid.
        The average citizen supporting something does not a good argument make.

        • what a coincidence.

          the 18% fringe not grounded in reality have worn out any empathy they might have started with and are now nothing but an annoying mosquito in our ear.

          buzz buzz

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