Americans react to land border opening to non-essential travel


It’s been over a year, we’ve done stories on families waving to each other across the river for Christmas, American’s coming to Canada… and now finally the land borders reopening to Canadians for non-essential travel, kinda.

Starting in early November, double vaccinated Canadians will be able to travel into the United States for non-essential travel again. Sault Ste. Marie Michigan Mayor, Don Gerrie, looks forward to that day.

“We are very pleased to hear that the U.S. Government is going to finally get the border open so that our neighbors can be reunited with their family and friends on Michigan side of the border,” said Gerrie.  “We have had a great summer with good tourist visitation from places all over the country, but it is past time to welcome our friends from the north back to our community! We look forward to seeing you again.”

That sentiment was echoed by Executive Director of the St. Ignace Visitors Bureau, Lara Brown.

“It is really exciting, it’s actually been so long it’s almost surreal [and] we have really missed our Canadian friends,” said Brown. “We are also happy for our cross border families to be able to spend some upcoming holidays together.”

According to Brown, it will definitely be a boost to some of their events like the car shows in the summer time and the annual pond hockey and ice golf tournaments.

However, the required PCR test to re-enter Canada which can cost as much as $400, will be a huge issue for many of those same people everyone is happy to see. Currently the Canadian Government requires any travelers entering from the United States to show proof if a negative PCR test within the last 72 hours.

This means, if you want to go over to get gas and groceries, maybe visit Hobby Lobby, or head on down to St. Ignace and return in the same day, you would still require this test making day tripping not fiscally possible for many Canadians and city residents alike.

We reached out to MP Terry Sheehan’s office for comment as to whether this requirement would be removed and have yet to hear back.

We also reached out to Sault Ste. Marie Mayor Christian Provenzano for comment about Saultites being able to go over the bridge again and have not received anything from his office either.

We will update this story as the date gets closer and if we learn requirements for Canadians change.

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  1. The PCR test is much less expensive in the US and I have got free testing in NY, NJ and FL. One very important detail missing here is whether unvaccinated children will be able to enter the US with their vaccinated parents.

  2. Americans need to PUSH harder to get the PCR test STOPPED ….required for Canadians returning home….its all a money grab … $400.00 how crazy is that???….It should be good enough your vaccinated fully…for Canadian Government…..A$$$$$$S …..its time for our FREEDOM again….

    • Not up to Americans to do our job! Its up to us to stand up to the federal government and stop the BS. Covid is not our problem, its the federal Governments problem. Yes we have to do our part, wear masks, social distance and wash wash wash our hands, and get Vaccine, but making us pay for coming back into our own country is probably against our constitution. APH says we will have to self isolate( 2 weeks, although people who have had COVID were returned to work after 8 days by APH) if we return without a covid test…… hummm….ok Tests are FREE at airports so that would be discrimination to force us to pay for it at land borders. We will see what happens in days leading up to border opening to us. Rumour on US side is Casino’s will provide us with the test for free to get their Canadian customers back. Gota love that!!

  3. All in Mr. Dressup’s master plan to continue gouging us on everything for years. Our American neighbors will be hugely disappointed when they see 1% of their regular customers returning.

  4. Its all part of the Liberal plot to keep Canadians from escaping the Canadian gouging and getting products and services for much cheaper (reasonably priced) in the US. The liberals need every tax dollars they can get to help pay back the reckless money hand outs they gave out in order to secure a win in the elections we just had.

  5. The fact that a test is required in order to return to Canada will be enough to keep most of us home in Canada. Our Terry should be on the phone with the PM NOW. The economy of the two Saults needs a jolt and requiring a test after being fully vaccinated is ridiculous. Come on Terry…we know the election is over…but….could you please look into this AND report back?

  6. They reached out to Terry and have yet to hear back.
    Good luck with that. From my experience Terry is the least responsive MP I’ve ever TRIED to deal with. All smiles and handshakes while campaigning and then he turns into photo-op polkaroo once in office.
    I had several frustrating experiences with him in zoom meetings throughout the pandemic – people only got 2 things from him: zero engagement and the usual pre-scripted party line jargon.
    His attitude has taken a complete 180 since his council days and he has clearly forgotten he’s supposed to be for the people and has gotten way too comfortable in his privileged fat cat life.
    What a disappointment.

    • It’s a crying shame that lazy Sheehan got reelected. If only a few of the foolish people that voted for parties that they knew would not win voted for PC instead Sheehan would be a distant memory.

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