Are Gas Prices Headed to $2.00 a Litre?


Gas prices didn’t jump up as predicted in Sault Ste. Marie last week, but basically the rest of the province caught up to us. published a story last week about gas prices heading up before the long weekend. The Sault was spared the thanksgiving hike.

Sault motorists have been forking over $1.44.9 for more than a month prior to prices jumping elsewhere in the province last week.  Today, we’re paying what those in Southern Ontario are paying. How much longer can that last?

Another jump at the pump is expected before the snow starts flying and temperatures dropping.

Oil and Gas analyst Dan MeTeague predicts the price hikes are just the beginning.

McTeague warns that on December 1st the price could hit the $2.00 mark . The highest gas price ever. McTeauge goes on to say that many factors go into the cost of fuel, including supply and demand. Not to mention additional climate controls such as the Liberal party’s infamous carbon tax.

In an article published by , McTeague is joined by other industry watchdogs about where Canadian gas prices are going. By the sounds of it, what we’re paying today will seem cheap over the next few years.




  1. Voting has consequences. You had your chance to pump the brakes, instead, you voted for more of the same insane spending and voted to carbon tax yourselves off the road entirely.

  2. Mr. Trudeau said that it costs a lot of money to bring new immigrants to Canada and pay for their condo’s and new cars. It would be great for at least once that Mr. Trudeau actually spent our Canadian taxes on Canadians.

  3. Just wait till the electric cars are in full force. When they are you watch what the PUC does with our electric bills. We need help to get ride of the crooks that run our industries & governments. They travel & get gas & munch, much more. When they retire with massive pensions & benefits with extra money & security for fee (at our cost) so other member of their family takes their place. Just check out what the government spent during the pandemic & the things they built & replaced as most people lost they jobs & the cost of everything went way, way up. They just wipe their feet on us.

  4. They will lie endlessly to try and justify the rip off prices but the truth is that there is no justification for them. It’s a criminal world that only gets worse by the day. Many people including government officials receive bribes and payoffs to keep the prices as high as possible and this will never change.
    The local gouging monopoly is without a doubt part of it as well.

  5. Supply & demand is just a down right lie as people are not travelling like they use to & they will travel even less if gas prices go higher. It is call stealing our money so we call barley make ends meet. Also the carbon tax just gets pushed on to the people using gas & it does not cost the seller anything. The government & rich just deep taking our money they eat well sleep well get full medical & more & more of us lose our house & can’t hep our children start they own lives or even put them in school (government money or our taxes there also & very, very much wasted). It should not cost that much to educate our children. A true & onset run government would help us out if they run our government like the average person has to run they livers & manage their money as but they can. We need help we do not need to be walked on. We need a real word that we all can live in & enjoy.

    • It’s called supply and demand not just supply. The current NA price increases are caused by three supply factors:

      1. Production cutbacks by OPEC
      2. Gulf Coast drilling & refinery weather shutdowns
      3. Increased shipping costs for imported oil

  6. Don’t expect the government to do ANYTHING about it…they love the extra tax they will collect at the pumps. Now…who are they going to blame this time for the price hike?

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