Canuck Owner Issues Statement


Jim Brogno, owner of The Canuck (formerly The Canadian), issued a statement surrounding media reports and his establishment.

Brogno states, “Due to all of the misinformation that has been said about The Canuck and threats to my life and my business, I feel that this is an appropriate time to make a statement.

I am for freedom of choice. As far the business goes, we are following the Algoma Public Heath mandate to its fullest. Here at The Canuck we take the health and safety of our staff and customers very seriously.

We have been a popular place to eat and drink in the community for over 40 years in the community and would like to continue the tradition and we look forward to seeing all of our loyal customers back at the bar. Cheers and be safe!”


  1. What is Canada becoming these days? I see so much hate here! Is it so hard for people to use just a little common sense/maturity? Make the best choice for YOURSELF! No matter where you have to go in life, if it doesn’t look or feel safe, it’s very simple! DO NOT GO! Why is it so important to destroy and blame? Look at ourselves and our own choices and make THAT our responsibility! Make our own right decisions! This ” shop here, eat there, blame this person, blame that person”! Isn’t it a bit SELFISH? How about making the choice that’s right for YOU be your focus in life? This hate and blame is destroying your souls!
    If something doesn’t feel right for YOU, the answer is quite simple is it not? Be grateful we are given LIFE! The ability to make our own choices and be responsible for OURSELVES! Shop where YOU’RE safe, eat where YOU’RE safe, live where YOU’RE safe, pray where YOU’RE safe! Be around others where YOU’RE safe! Imagine the less stress on ourselves when we can apply that simple mindset!

  2. This is as silly of comment as I have seen from the owner of this establishment. As for those whose freedoms have been taken away and sadly continue to to peddle misinformation, you are the active contributors to prolonging the pain and suffering you claim to be undergoing, and in the process putting other people at risk. Vaccinated people also need to be cautious just to be clear, no reasonable person will challenge that. Happy Thanksgiving weekend and lets hope that those without their freedoms can live through this. PS – real places lacking freedom in the world – Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, etc. Here at home, before you cry about your freedom – enlighten yourself about the struggles of the indigenous, help the poor and feed them, welcome refugees and let them know that life will get better. Help one another and make a difference.

    • Who is truly responsible for prolonging pain & suffering?
      Is it the ones who control the border but failed to do anything about it until a year into the pandemic? Despite the myriad warnings from “experts” and countless other countries.
      The office who created loopholes for “essential” foreign travelers including students so they could travel in & out of Canada and be allowed to circumvent isolation requirements until very recently.
      Is it the federal office who refused to help Canadian labs quick start vaccines for Canadians and instead put all their eggs in China’s vaccine basket which utterly failed?
      Is it that same office that allowed daily international flights to land in Canada from covid hotspots including Wuhan China, the epicenter of the virus?
      That office which ignored Canada’s national pandemic response plan created by Theresa Tam, Canada’s alleged expert on all things covid?
      Could it be that same federal office that is suing the Speaker of the House to block freedom of information requests from Canadians about why those Chinese “scientists” that were removed from Winnipeg’s virus lab that indeed turned out to be spies?
      Covid is here uncontrolled largely because of the massive repeated failures of the federal government and yet Canadians are falling for the diversion tactics of pinning Canadians against each other and creating infighting so we’ll stop asking questions.

  3. Why do the “Protected” need protection from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to take the protection that didn’t protect the “Protected”? Think about it…

    • Because SuperMario, it’s not that simple. If the hospital ICU is full of unvaxxed Covidiots and a traumatic accident happens where someone needs the ICU support, there aren’t enough beds to keep everyone healthy. A vax certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get it, we ALL know that. It just means that the chances of needing hospitalization are dramatically lowered, the overall outcome is dramatically increased and the symptoms/duration are dramatically reduced.

      Stop the semantics and get #facts.

      • Is our ICU full of ‘unvaxxed Covidiots’?

        Do you realize someone who has been double vaxxed and who has been mandated for a third shot, has a brain aneurysm, abruptly finds themself in the ICU would be defined by our public health unit as an ‘unvaxxed covidiot’ since the required 14 days has not passed which would have offered them ‘vaxxed’ status?

        You guys can’t see how the definitions and goal posts are constantly in flux?

        • Pssst Canadians that have fallen for the classic paranoia psychological campaign are too afraid to ask legitimate questions about skewed and manipulated data.
          Does the virus exist? yes
          Is it potentially bad? Yes
          Are the numbers inflated and misrepresentative? Yes
          Are all the frontline workers with the highest exposure rates dropping like flies and dying by the millions? No
          Are restaurants superspreader locations where the rear staff & cooks are not required to wear masks and where people can meet strangers to eat food while not wearing masks even before vaccine requirements exists? No.

  4. Ignoring government Covid regulations (as witnessed by many) and then lying about it is hardly the way to get a new business off the ground. At the very least some huge fines are in order.

  5. Everyone has CHOICES.. so if you have the jab good 4u n if you don’t again good for you… if you don’t like what’s going anywhere you good well then “the door is there” n do ppl realise that even if you have the jaB you still can get IT n pass it on..
    N what about the flight from Toronto to Sault Ste Marie that SAYS ” anyone sitting in rows 1-4 plzz contact health unit” hmmm isn’t ONLY vaX that are allowed to fly” so now what ” who are you going to blame ” isn’t that interesting.. I will ALWAYS support the Canuck… I was there to support the Unite convoy, n was my CHOICE to go n your choice if you didn’t. It was clean, good food, very friendly environment..n for anyone to say they are very disappointed but then stay n eat then turn around n go to meeting n then complain, WOW just WOW really..Nobody tied you down n told you, ” you have to stay”
    You don’t like what was going on there or anywhere else, LEAVE that’s all..Simple as that.. Remember incase you didn’t know that even if you got the Jab you still can carry it, n pass it on.. remember FREEDOm & choice…

  6. This guy has chosen the best way possible to drive patrons away and kill his business. He couldn’t of got more irresponsible by flagrantly putting lives at risk while under pandemic restrictions. There were many eye witnesses with a whole lot more credibility than this conspiracy theorist will ever have. He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Been to costco lately? Hundreds of people shoulder to shoulder, saw lots not wearing masks. No sanitation or controls anywhere. Yet magically there hasn’t been one spread associated with a costco in Ontario.
      Apparently covid likes shopping at costco and won’t risk closures by infecting anyone there.

  7. I also support freedom of choice. If you are unhappy with “The Canuck” then don’t go. Stay home. Normal is not coming back until most people want it back. We need more of us to stand up for our rights.

  8. Interesting; everyone is a hater and a Nazi these days. The fact that a business could have his livelihood crushed via an “anonymous” source is poor journalism. For all of those that won’t set foot in there again; I am sure your feet will be fill; with people that don’t hate and use common sense.

    • if his livelihood is crushed he did it to himself. we all make choices and we all have to live with the consequences. consequences like not being allowed to attend hounds games eh Ernest?

  9. What is the mean age of the people commenting on this page, 55+? Stop being prejudice against people for not getting vaccinated and worry about your own worthless lives

  10. “for over 40 years”

    Hey Jim, can I borrow your time machine? You bought the business in June of 2021. How have you been in business 40 years? If you’ll deliver such an obvious lie straight faced, why should we believe a word you say about H&S?

    • I think he was referring the The Canadian (the building) being “a popular place to eat and drink in the community for over 40 years in the community”, not his business specifically. That’s what I gather from it.

  11. very poor business decision and an irresponsible choice for any workers and customers to endanger others simply because they’re afraid of needles.

  12. Caught red handed and it shows by this irresponsible statement. They deserve to lose their liquor license for starters then the health board and police charges will follow.

  13. Someone is not telling the truth. Customers say the guidelines are NOT being followed and the owner says THEY ARE. The fact that he supports the right to chose makes me side with the FORMER customers. Mr. Brogno has made a very poor business decision.

  14. We don’t care about your statement or your business or your family! We care about The Science™! This year that means 2 doses. Next year that means you must enforce a card that says 3, maybe 4 doses. After that, who knows. There’s no logical reason for any of it, but I do believe The Science™ will guide us back to The Land Before Masks because Top Doctors™ tell me so.

  15. “I am for freedom of choice”… not a smart business owner if you are going to start off your apology with this in the middle of a pandemic after you have clearly encouraged and supported anti vaxx and non compliance with public health measures… regardless of your personal views, as a business owner you have just alienated 98% of the public. If you simply said “sorry… and we are complying now” maybe you wouldn’t get the heat you have… and given the pics posted on social media it’s not “misinformation” unless someone was really good with photoshop. Given your non compliance and putting peoples health and safety at risk for your “personal views” I hope people stay clear of your establishment and it fills victim to Covid for the sake of all the other establishments that have kept quiet of their personal views and complied with public health measures to ensure the safety of all in society following the science not rogue radicals.

    • “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

      – Some guy in a basement, probably

      • What liberty have you given up… you still have “choice”… the choice not to go out and eat and infect me with a disease you may be carrying… People really need to read and understand the charter of rights and freedoms, no one is taking away anyones rights or liberties…. You also have the “choice” to move into pine box if you get infected with COVID and die… if thats the risk you want to take, go for it, but do it in your basement alone please!

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