City Interested in Dominion Voting Systems for 2022 Municipal Election


City staff are recommending using the services of Dominion Voting Systems for the next municipal election.

Council is expected to vote on the recommendation at the next scheduled council meeting on Tuesday.

At the June 28th meeting council passed a resolution concerning the 2022 municipal election that the vote be conducted with in-person voting and a tabulator count along with a register to vote by mail option. It was estimated at a cost of $320,000.

A Request For Proposal was issued  but closed with no compliant bid responses. Dominion Voting Systems subsequently expressed interest in providing a viable solution to the City of Sault Ste. Marie and has submitted a proposal for consideration.

It is the consensus of a review committee comprised of city staff from City Clerks
Department and IT Services that Dominion’s proposed Tabular Voting Solution
meets the needs for both in-person paper ballot tabulation and vote-by-mail

City Council approval of single sourcing of the supply, installation and support of
the proposed tabular voting solution to Dominion Voting Systems is recommended
based upon their extensive experience in vote tabulation for elections, and their
outline of support services to assist City staff in planning and implementing the

This is in accordance with the Purchasing By-law where no (compliant)
bids were received in response to a Bid Solicitation, and there is an absence of

Dominion Voting Systems has proposed a cost for the tabulator voting solution and
support at an upset limit of $123,950.25. (plus HST). Dominion Voting Systems has also provided unit cost pricing for election consumable supplies. Consumable purchases (i.e. ballot boxes, etc.) will be allocated through the reserve.

The estimated election expense, excluding the “Register to Vote by Mail” option,
is $320,000. There is estimated to be $282,000 in the election reserve for the 2022
municipal election. An additional $40,000 will be included as a one time operating
increase in the 2022 budget. The $75,000 ongoing annual reserve contribution
currently included in the budget will be assessed after the 2022 election is complete.

You may recall, that Dominion Voting Systems faced scrutiny during the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, primarily from The then President of the United States, Donald Trump who convinced many of vote tampering with Dominion  and a target of election disinformation seeking to undermine confidence in the integrity of the 2020 election.

The baseless claims have been debunked by election officials, subject matter experts and The third-party fact checkers. No evidence whatsoever has been offered to support claims that there was a systemic problem with vote-counting machines.



  1. This is another example of a lieing, cheating, inept liberal government cheating their way to never loosing again. I can’t believe the amount of sheep with liberal signs all over this town? There is one reason and one reason only that dominion voting machines are in this town….

    In our country our boarders are wide open, if you get here your in (no covid test), catholic priests are being thrown in jail, and being told what to say when released. Gas prices are through the roof, free speech is under attack ( can’t say anything about our lieing liberal government). Media is paid off by the liberal government (how can you talk about the person that is paying you?) Do you think this is fair and just? You get one side of the story, from someone who is paid to tell you what they want you to hear!


    Liberals everywhere SUCK 👎

    Look at USA and Australia and Canada, all run by liberal governments. ALL UNDER ATTACK BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT.


  2. The Taxpayers of Sault Ste. Marie MUST start to Rise Up to the Most Corrupt, Unethical, Dishonest Tyrants that this City has ever had and who are now in control of City Hall. KAREN MARLOW was NEVER Elected by the Taxpayers of Sault Ste. Marie and should NEVER have a Say in how this City should spend OUR Tax Dollars!! Where is the Mayor and Councillors who WERE Elected and who Professed to Work and Answer to ALL their Constituents?? We, the Taxpayers Pay the “Wages” of ALL City Hall Employees, and we The Taxpayers MUST tell the Tyrants of City Hall how WE want our Money Spent. ABSOLUTELY, NO DOMINION MACHINES!! We want our Money Spent where it is Needed the Most and We the Citizens of Sault Ste. Marie, do NOT Want our Hard Earned Taxpayers’ Tax Dollars spent on UNETHICAL, CORRUPT, DISHONEST DOMINION MACHINES!! We, the Taxpayers of Sault Ste. Marie know BEST how to spend our Hard Earned Tax Dollars to Better the ONCE Ethical City of Sault Ste. Marie! We, Taxpayers have been Witnessing the Most Corrupt City that we have Ever Seen, because of our City Hall! All Sault Ste. Marie Tax Payers Must RISE UP and Stop these Tyrants before it is Too Late!!

  3. Karen Marlow has no business telling Sault Voters how we will be voting in 2022! The ONLY Votes than can be trusted is “In Person” Voting with Paper Ballots to be counted at the end of the Night, with Scrutineers Present!
    That is the way we been voting in Sault Ste Marie Ontario .It is the People’s Choice how we Vote not that of unelected bureaucrat .
    Just leave the election process alone
    .It works don’t fix it ! Doing this way keeps the Vote Honest without any funny business from the left or the right.

  4. There actually proof that these DOMINION Machines did flip votes from Trump .One example of this in Antrim County in Michigan .In the Arizona Audit they discovered votes that there switched from Trump to Biden.
    After Millions spent on investigating Trump on Russian Collosion .That turned out to be a big lie by the Clinton campaign .Same with the Ukraine call another big lie by the Democrats .

    • But, but didn’t the machines let an 850 year old and a bunch of 200 year olds vote or something like that? Mike Lindell said so! I don’t know…

  5. What ever happened to the Voters having a say on this like in A question on the ballot in the 2022 Municipal Election?

    This is a very important issue .City Hall Staff and Councillors should not be deciding this .The citizens of Sault Ste Marie should be having their say.

    “It is the consensus of a review committee comprised of city staff from city clerk’s department and IT [information technology] services that Dominion’s proposed tabular voting solution meets the needs for both in-person paper ballot tabulation and vote-by-mail tabulation,” says Karen Marlow, the city’s manager of purchasing.

    These are unelected people making crucial decisions in regards to how we Vote .

    We need to protect our elections by keeping Electronic Devices out.

    This again is how elections get stolen. Mail in Ballots ,.Electronic Election Machines .That is how Hugo Chavez stole elections in Venezuela.

    Mail in Voting has to be strictly monitored to ensure that proper ID is checked and residency is proved by means of a PUC bill.

  6. I have watched many elections, never did I see in real time as the last US one where someones vote count on screen went down!! Up yeah but never down, this to me was very alarming!!!

  7. Hmmm , “staff” may want to be cautious about no bidders then a sudden low ball offer comes in. Look at what happened at the city hall recladding job that still isn’t finished after 3 years.

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