Collision sends at least one to hospital (8 photos)

Images from an east end collision, October 21, 2021 (Dan Gray/

Over the noon hours, Paramedics and Police were called to an intersection in the east side of the city.

Upon arrival, a three-vehicle collision was observed with significant damage to all involved.

According to a witness, a car, which passed him going westbound on Wellington collided with a car coming off of Hugill Street.

The vehicles than collected the third vehicle in the aftermath.

Paramedics could be seen treating multiple individuals on the scene. They transported at least one individual to Sault Area Hospital.

Traffic units as well as a police identification team member were witnessed investigating the collision.

The stretch of roadway is still closed at this time.


  1. I hope all involved are alright. Too many are in a hurry to arrive a minute or two earlier at their destination than they would have if they actually obeyed the laws of the road.

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