Council Wrap-up, protestors go ignored during meeting


Monday’s council saw multiple points of interest discussed and an award handed out.

Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Lance Knox, received the city’s Medal of Merit.

The majority of the evening was spent on the review of the public works fleet.

Bus purchases, elimination of plastics and the appointment of a downtown plaza committee were also discussed.

At no point was the protest outside acknowledged by anyone during the meeting.

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  1. It blows my mind that we had a fountain in the river (Millennium fountain) up until 2017 and was deemed too expensive to maintain and yet now we have more capitol spent for a fountain in a Plaza and ongoing costs to maintain and have security. Unreal.

  2. It’s clear mayor and council have no interest listening to the people who voted them in, but we can still deal with the group who’s pushing this plaza and stop supporting them. I don’t believe many of us will find it difficult to avoid Queenstown.

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