Ford declines Opposition call to review PC caucus medical exemptions


TORONTO — Premier Doug Ford says he won’t get involved in people’s personal medical records.

He made the comments in question period today, responding to the NDP urging that the premier review the two medical exemptions from COVID-19 vaccines among his caucus members.

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health has said the rate of legitimate medical exemptions should be about 1-5 in 100,000 people.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has said it is “statistically curious” that the Progressive Conservative caucus has two in 70.

Ford announced that everyone in his caucus had to be vaccinated, but both Lindsey Park, who represents Durham, and Christina Mitas, who represents Scarborough Centre, presented medical exemptions.

Park remains in caucus but was stripped of her role as parliamentary assistant to the attorney general because until as recently as Friday she misrepresented her vaccination status to her party.



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