Gas Just Shot Up to $1.55


Sault Ste. Marie is now seeing the highest gas prices in the last 5 years. McDougall Energy owned stations rose prices Tuesday afternoon by 10 cents a litre.

That makes a litre of gas $154.9.

This follows an increase last week to $1.49, only to drop the prices back to $1.44 two days later.

Not all Sault Ste. Marie stations have made the hike as of 4:30pm. Other stations are still selling for $1.44. Prices are even lower in Rankin and Garden River where pump prices are currently at $1.39 / litre.

Elsewhere in Northern Ontario, prices are posted as $1.40 in Sudbury, $1.47 in North Bay,  while Thunder Bay joins the Sault with the highest prices in the province.

Four days ago, Ontario Premier Doug Ford told reporters that he vows to lower gas prices in the province. Ford promised to axe 5.7 cents a litre if Ottawa would match the cut.

“I will match every single penny. There’s a challenge. Every single penny the government deducts off their tax, we will match that,” he said.

The reason behind the dramatic rise in prices this month alone is touted as due to an increased demand while there is an under supply of oil worldwide. The price for oil is close to $80 U.S. per barrel.

You can check out prices at local area stations on SaultOnline’s Lowest Gas Prices page any time, courtesy of Gas Buddy.



  1. You can thank all the people who voted this in, heard it will be two bucks before Christmas!!! P.s. there are clean processes to mine our own oil and gas!!!….. but you voted for this , so here you go!!!!!

      • Convenient, ain’t it?
        Funny how rapid antigen tests are perfectly fine & safe for us here in Canada at the workplace, schools, hospitals, etc but it’s suddenly not good enough to re-enter Canada.
        Just one of the many things we’re not allowed to ask about.

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