It’s that time of year: Moose seasons are underway!

bull moose

This year’s moose seasons are open in some Wildlife Management Units (WMUs)! Here are a few things to remember before moose hunting this fall courtesy of the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry.

Don’t forget to claim your tag!

If you were awarded a tag in the second chance allocation, you must claim your tag prior to your hunt. You cannot hunt on a tag you have been awarded unless it’s claimed, printed and you are carrying it with you. A moose licence must be purchased to claim your tag.

You can claim your tag and purchase your moose licence:

Please note that the automated phone line is not available to claim your tag in the second chance allocation.

Have your moose tag and licence ready to go

Claimed tags from the primary and second chance allocation are now available for printing. We recommend that hunters print their tags close to their hunt date to prevent tags from getting lost or damaged. A reminder, your tag must be printed and cannot be saved to your phone. You need to carry your Licence Summary showing your moose licence with you when hunting. Your Licence Summary can be printed or saved to your phone.

In your online account under the My Active Licences page, the “Printable Tag” column will include the following indicators:

  • “Yes” (tag is available to print)
  • “Printed” (tag was printed)

You may only print your tag once. Please ensure your printer is functioning properly and that double-sided printing is turned off. Printing tips are available online.

Didn’t get a tag in the allocation process?

Here’s how you can still hunt moose this fall. Purchase your moose licence and:

  • party hunt with a tag holder
  • obtain a tag by purchasing a hunting package from a tourist outfitter
  • party hunt with a tag holder who has purchased a hunt from a tourist outfitter

Purchase your moose licence online or in-person at a licence issuer or participating ServiceOntario location.

To party hunt with a tag holder you must:
  • carry your licence summary with you that shows your purchased moose licence, applying to the moose tag allocation process did not provide you with a licence. You can print your licence summary or save it to your mobile device.

All hunters who are hunting on a moose tag issued by a tourist outfitter must be the registered guests of the outfitter who issued the tag.

Learn more about hunting moose with a tourist outfitter.

Your moose points beyond 2021

Now that the 2021 moose tag allocation process is over, here’s a reminder of how your points will work beyond this season:

  • If you applied to one or both allocation stages, but didn’t claim a tag you were awarded based on points, you will retain your points and gain a point
  • If you claimed a tag you were awarded based on points (any tag from the primary allocation or from your first choice in the second chance allocation), your points will reset to zero
  • If you claimed a tag from either your second or third choices in the second chance allocation, you will retain your points and gain a point
  • If you selected WMU “99Z” as your first choice in either allocation stage, you will gain a point
  • Obtaining a tag as part of a hunting package from a tourist outfitter will not affect your points
  • You cannot gain more than one point per year

Changes to points will be reflected in hunters’ online accounts and through the automated phone system in early 2022. Learn more about your points beyond 2021.

Don’t forget, anyone who purchases a moose licence must complete a mandatory hunter report by the deadline.

Mandatory Hunter Reporting

Mandatory hunter reporting is a valuable source of data used by the NDMNRF to support sustainable wildlife management.

Great news! Reporting rates have increased significantly since mandatory hunter reporting was implemented in 2019, and as a result the quality and quantity of data used to inform decision making is increasing. This means we can better manage the sustainability of Ontario’s wildlife populations and hunting opportunities.

Keep up the great work! Continue to complete and submit your mandatory hunter reports online or by calling 1-800-288-1155. It takes as little as 5 minutes to complete.

Any hunter who bought or was issued a tag to hunt elk, deer, bear, wild turkey or wolf/coyote (in Wildlife Management Units where a tag is required) and any hunter issued a licence to hunt moose is required to report. Hunters are required to complete a hunter report even if they did not hunt or harvest an animal.

For additional details on reporting deadlines and instructions on how to report, visit

Remember to hunt safe, submit your report and enjoy Ontario’s great outdoors!


  1. Highly recommend taking a drone out with you to harass the moose and bait it, can be good fun for the family to have junior flying recon and coax the moose out to put a slug in between it eyes . Good view from the drone too to watch the frag

    I wonder if you can put tranquilizer dart gun on to drone, or a buzz saw , swarm of drones to chase the moose and cut it legs under it

    Namaste, go put some moose in a stew

  2. What makes me mad is all the idiots in them certain parties that goes and shoots the cows and calves when they have all yr to get a bull…leave them be and moose hunting would be fantastic in yrs to come

  3. It’s such a shame that certain parties go out well before our legal hunting season opens and slaughter numerous moose and deer with no regard for the future.

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