Man charged after allegedly following women on Western University campus


LONDON, Ont. — Police have charged a man with criminal harassment after he allegedly followed several young women on Western University’s campus in London, Ont.

Local police say the first alleged incident happened on Monday, when a man jogged towards three 18-year-old women on campus and offered them what they believed was cannabis.

Investigators say the women feared for their safety and walked away, but the man got in his car and followed them, at one point allegedly driving the wrong way in traffic in order to talk to them.

Less than a half hour later, police allege the man approached another 18-year-old woman and gestured for her to get into his car, but she was able to get away.

Police say the following night, the same man allegedly followed a 21-year-old woman in his car, stopping directly in front of her twice.

A 22-year-old man has been charged with five counts of criminal harassment by repeated following.

The charges come as Western University faces a reckoning with allegations of sexual harassment and assault on campus.

Last month, students protested what they described as a toxic campus culture.