New homeless shelter coming to city’s west end

Stock Photo from of a homeless individual.

SaultOnline has learned that a 14-bed homeless shelter is coming to the west-end of the City.

Individuals who deal with the issue on a daily basis say it’s much needed, but not enough.

District of Sault Ste. Marie Social Services Administration Board, CEO, Mike Nadeau, was able to confirm it’s creation this afternoon.

“A 14-bed facility will be opened at the Verdi,” said Nadeau. The Verde Hall is located in the 400 block of Queen Street West, not far from the former Studio 10 property.

He told SaultOnline there could be more beds added if CMHA is able to find the staffing to manage this in the future.

“You can expect to see a job posting from CMHA for this,” stated Nadeau.

The building is expected to be up and running “in the next couple of weeks.”

The individuals currently occupying the lawn at City Hall were skeptical. They intend to stay at their location until there is a resolution to the issue inside Sault Ste. Marie.

“How many beds?” asked one. “That’s not enough.” when told the amount.

Nadeau admits the crisis facing this City is complex and has multiple solutions and this shelter is just a start.


  1. This is absolutely GREAT NEWS! It is the beginnings to combat the homelessness issue. The homeless who want to reside there will greatly appreciate it. Let’s keep the compassion and solutions going!!!

  2. a 14 bed facility is a no win for the homeless. I am currently retired, having worked in social services for many, many years and saw the homeless then and currently still see the homeless when I am in the community – perhaps asking the mayor to give up some of the money from the plaza to expand it to a 25 bed facility would help. Our city needs help and having a 25 safe place for the homeless is at least a start.

    • “22 new homeless beds opening at two Sault locations” posted on sootoday last night.
      I disagree with you regarding it’s a no win for the homeless. I am very qualified to say that you are wrong to say it’s a no-win. Been there! It was a win for me and others. I am totally against that plaza but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. This is a start, it is finally acknowledging this issue. Now it’s wait and see in how it is run.

  3. Did the city but the Verdi or rent it from you know the guy that sucked them in to buy the Studio. 10 property. If they bought it how much did they pay for it.

  4. Yay!! This is a good start! If it is run well and they are treated with respect, not looked down on, this is where it can begin in helping them to deal with their addictions, for those who have addictions. For those who don’t have addictions, it’s a great first step to gaining back some dignity and strength to aim for their own place to call home. Being homeless is lonely and can often lead to addiction, if not already addicted to something. You make new friends, street friends, which eases the loneliness. Unfortunately, there are times when those new friends may have their own addiction and you’ll try what they’re taking because you see they seem to feel better when they take it. Boom! That’s when it starts for some. For some, being on the street is better than being “prisoner” of the healthcare system. This is definitely a complicated issue and no doubt, there will be some very difficult situations to deal with. This must be run by people who empathize and who are passionate and truly care about the well-being of the people they’re helping.

  5. The city could do with an facility that allows the homeless to shower/laundry like in Sudbury.
    Its nice it appears we’re finally getting a mixed shelter like other towns, but as always it was needed yesterday.

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