Noise Pollution from Algoma Steel to be rectified soon


A trip through the Bayview part of Sault Ste. Marie over the past few days would start to make your ears ring and keep you up at night.

“There has been an INSANE noise non-stop coming from the Steel Plant-Bayview area. You can’t even hear yourself think around here. It’s been days,” said Gen Ny when he reported it to SaultOnline.

We reached out to Algoma Steel for comment and Communications Manager Brenda Stenta was able to clarify the incident and the action plan.

“A leak has developed on the No. 7 blast furnace piping, resulting in the current hissing sound,” stated Stenta. “Our maintenance team is building out a repair plan, ordering materials, and mobilizing resources on a priority basis.  We aim to execute the repair tomorrow, October 14th.”

When we reached out to our contacts inside the plant, they said the noise is deafening inside the facility also. However, they were told the repairs wouldn’t be done until October 26th, the next scheduled down day for the blast furnace.

The Ministry of Environment was notified last night by a concerned citizen, who has yet to hear anything back from that organization. We have reached out to them for comment.

Stay with SaultOnline/ONNtv as we continue to bring you updates on this ongoing situation.


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