Ontario could see 50,000 education workers fired if vaccines mandated: Lecce

Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce

TORONTO β€” Ontario’s education minister says 50,000 people could lose their jobs if the province mandated COVID-19 vaccines for education workers

Responding to the NDP in question period today, Stephen Lecce said such a policy would mean pink slips for tens of thousands of educators when Ontario already faces staffing challenges.

He says any unvaccinated staff member has to provide proof of a negative test to enter a school.

The government says the 50,000 figure includes education workers who are unvaccinated or won’t disclose their status.

Earlier this month Lecce said about 80 per cent of school staff have attested to being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Some school boards, such as the Toronto District School Board and some hospitals, have enacted tougher policies that include possible termination.



  1. Well teachers – I believe you were in strike position right around when this pandemic began and that got shut down due to lockdowns. Your positions then were that you were indispensible.
    Then during the lockdowns, while students were complaining about the poor quality of online learning and the lack of support your position was that you were in danger due to covid.
    So the government made the children get vaccinated (above 12?)
    Now that all those children are vaccinated, because the teachers said they were in danger, thousands upon thousands of teachers are now refusing to be vaccinated.
    So what’s your position? Are you indispensable and in danger? The vast majority, to keep our jobs and pay our bills, have had to capitulate and get vaccinated.
    I’ve talked to quite a few teachers, EAs, etc who are angry about having to get vaccinated.
    What’s your next move?

  2. So here we now have two official Ontario releases indicating that a massive amount of doctors & nurses and educators are refusing to be vaccinated because they don’t trust the vaccine.
    This morning I read a CBC article about Ontario hospitals suddenly seeing significantly higher rates of youth strokes.
    This really shouldn’t be ignored.

  3. how does anyone know if the outbreak at the school was from a vaccinated or unvaccinated person, they haven’t disclosed that information, so before you start making assumptions??

    • Because it’s a secret and no one is supposed to be asking any covid related questions.
      If everything was legitimate and effective then wouldn’t authorities be completely transparent?
      After all, there’s nothing to hide, right?

  4. And this is what our society is accepting……….dividing us into two groups……….what are we becoming!!! To the point that if we dont do something we don’t matter…..we don’t deserve to eat live or work!!!! What kind of people or should I say monsters are you becoming!!! Are we not all Canadians…… brothers and sisters…regardless of what medications we take…..!!!! We are Canadian…….let’s act like how real Canadians use to!!! One for all, and all for one!!!!! This division between people is getting real tiring!!! Love thy neighbour as thyself!!!!!!

    • Careful there, this is New Canada where we’re not allowed to acknowledge gender by saying brothers & sisters.
      This division is EXACTLY what governments want. They strive for distractions like this.
      How do you think Trudeau keeps getting away with ethics violations, conflicts of interest, highest rate of vacations & personal days any PM has ever had (and during a pandemic!), criminal investigations, duplicitous OICs, etc.

  5. Look out everyone – Luc is here to save the world and spread his toxic intolerance!
    Mustn’t disagree with his skewed and poorly supported views – he knows EVERYTHING!

      • With numbers even lower than Harper got for his minority?
        At some of the least accessible polling stations in modern Canadian history?
        With fewer polling stations than ever with prohibitively long lines so that many Canadians actually said they gave up and left without voting?
        Guess this is why Trudeau reversed those election reform promises – he knew he had no chance getting back in if he followed through.

  6. Funny how teachers have been going on about how dangerous their jobs are due to covid.
    Meanwhile the majority of children they teach above a certain age all have to be fully vaccinated – the teachers expect this but refuse to be vaccinated themselves?
    Double standard?

  7. Here we go again. Are we listening to the politics or the science. Teachers, clerical staff, and anyone else associated to schools must be vaccinated. Look at how quick it spread at Riverview School.

  8. Honestly, good. These subhumans don’t deserve to work, to eat, to do anything at all in free society. If you don’t accept Trudeau’s dictum, you should be isolated in a camp for re-education. Trust the Science.

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