Ontario lifts capacity limits in restaurants, gyms, casinos


TORONTO — Ontario is lifting capacity limits today at restaurants, gyms, casinos and some other locations where proof of vaccination against COVID-19 is required.

If museums and galleries, places of worship, and personal care settings choose to require proof of vaccination, they can also lift capacity limits as of today.

Premier Doug Ford announced the development Friday as he unveiled plans for managing the pandemic long term.

The province aims to remove all public health measures meant to slow the spread of COVID-19 by late March, including mask mandates.

Proof-of-vaccination requirements will start to be lifted early next year – as long as trends don’t become concerning – starting with restaurants, bars, gyms and casinos in January.

Ford describes his approach to loosening restrictions as “super cautious.”



  1. Restaurants, gyms, casinos, etc should also be allowed to “choose” whether they want to enforce this ridiculous mandate. I know some (and probably most) of these establishments do not want to restrict their clientele. And if people prefer these places to check for the “V” passport, they should absolutely go to these establishments. If other people decided not to become human experiments, they should have the option to go somewhere else. This is a free country but our freedom is quickly disappearing.

    • should restaurants choose whether staff washes their hands after using the restroom?

      should they choose how long your food can wait before its served?

      should they choose whether they want to enforce the min. drinking age?

      give your head a shake.

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