Peter Chow: Hands Up Everyone Who Wants Elon Musk As President For Life!


On Monday, Sept. 27, Elon Musk nosed out Jeffrey B. to become the world’s richest man, at over $200 billion, but he’s not living nearly as rich and famous as one would expect.

  • No super yacht.
  • No private Caribbean island.
  • No professional sports team.
  • He doesn’t even take vacations.

He probably got used to going to the candy store and buying 10 of everything a long time ago.

Having sold off all of his real estate assets in California, Musk now lives in a tiny US$50,000 375 sq. ft. rental box house in Boca Chica, located at the southernmost tip of Texas, where SpaceX produces its Starships.

He’s the Silicon Valley Übermensch, the maverick boss of Tesla and SpaceX who wants us to ditch fossil fuels and to colonize Mars and who can create or wipe out billions of dollars with a single tweet.

He founded in 1999, which later became PayPal.

He sold PayPal for $1.5 billion in 2002 to start up SpaceX later in 2002 and Tesla in 2003.

His Starlink is a satellite internet constellation launching satellites (over 1,800 satellites so far, eventual target 30,000) into orbit to deliver high-speed broadband internet to as many people as possible.

He founded Neuralink, a neurotechnology company developing implantable brain–machine interfaces (BMIs), that aims to connect your neocortex to the Cloud, raising your IQ by many, many orders of magnitude.

He always reinvests in his own ideas and his ideas are not just good, but transformative.

So what’s not to love?

It’s interesting whenever Elon Musk’s name comes up and people begin discussing his accomplishments, such as the reinvention of money (PayPal), automobiles (Tesla), space travel (SpaceX), internet delivery (Starlink), and human intelligence (Neuralink), there’s always someone who says:

“Yeah, but I hear he can be a real ….”

Take that, Elon!!!!

So then, let’s be totally honest here, because in your heart, you know, and I know, that you can be a real dick, too.

So can I, and, if we’re being truly honest, so can, say, the Pope.

Francis probably has to be a dick 10 times a week.

I mean, Good Grief, c’mon, Francis, just apologise for those darn residential schools/concentration camps!!

And please shut down the world’s largest Pedophile Protection Program!!


So since when does being a …. somehow invalidate you as a person?

It doesn’t.

We all hate a goody two-shoes, so come on, what kind of perfect behaviour is it you expect from a person, any person, let alone Elon Musk?

As Boris so eloquently puts it, “Donnez-moi un break!!!”

“But he seems like he’s only out for publicity”

Elon Musk is actually terrible at publicity.

He has Asperger’s.

When being interviewed he’s stiff and opaque, overly techy and nerdy and difficult to connect with  –  Richard Branson is a million times better with publicity, but there’s something about Musk that makes Branson seem a thousand years old.

“But he seems like he’s trying to manipulate the media”

He’s terrible at that, too.

After the deplatforming of Donald Trump, Musk is undebateably the planet’s alpha tweeter.

One of those Kardashians can make a line of armpit hair remover go viral, but Musk can generate or destroy billions of dollars of wealth in three or four words.

Why on earth would he bother wasting three brain cells trying to manipulate the media?

He isn’t someone who needs to kiss ass for press because what he does is already fantastically interesting.

“But he’s just out to make money”

a)  So what if he is???

But, b)  He isn’t.

He’s just doing what he does.

“Going from PayPal, I thought, ‘Well, what are some of the other problems that are likely to most affect the future of humanity?’” he told graduates during his 2012 commencement speech at the California Institute of Technology.

“It really wasn’t from the perspective of what’s….. the best way to make money.”

It was during that time that he was inspired to found SpaceX and Tesla, Tesla in 2003 because it would help solve the problem of sustainable energy and SpaceX in 2002 because it would help “make life multi-planetary,” he told the Caltech graduates.

“I gave both SpaceX and Tesla a probability of less than 10% to succeed,” he said.

Now, however, SpaceX is valued at more than $74 billion and Tesla makes $26 billion in sales annually.

At the time of writing, he’s the richest person on Earth, nosing ahead of Jeffrey B.

He probably got used to going to the candy store and buying 10 of everything a long time ago.

He lives modestly in a humble home worth USD$50,000 that he rents from SpaceX on its launch site in Boca Chica, Texas.

The tiny house, which was produced by Boxable and assembled from a box in just one day, measures a tiny 375 square feet and includes the bare essentials such as a living area, bathroom, bed and kitchen.

The Las Vegas-based company’s houses are designed for affordability and ease of construction and look like a studio apartment, although they are also customisable.

“But self-driving cars will kill people!”

Grow up.

Musk didn’t just generate a few fundamental patents and move to Santa Barbara to golf for the rest of his life.

Every day he tries to reinvent the wheel and it’s working.

He always reinvests in his own ideas and his ideas are good.

Not just good. but often transformative.

Shopped online lately with PayPal?

Ever wanted to visit the International Space Station?

Want a new electric car?

Want internet at your cottage in the boondocks?

Ever wish for a better brain?

With cars alone, Musk pretty much single-handedly shamed and forced the global auto industry to accelerate the electric car rollout by at least 10 years.

“But I hear he treats his employees badly”

First, we already discussed this:  he can be a …., so don’t be surprised when he is.

Second, people know they’re going to be working with Elon Musk, so they can’t play Woe is Me if he goes Elon on them.

And third, he’s incredibly smart and is used to working with the world’s smartest and most accomplished people, so if you don’t cut the mustard then you didn’t cut the mustard.

And here’s something funny he actually said to someone who was pissing him off in the Tesla factory:

“You know, I could be drinking mai tais with naked supermodels, but instead I’m here with you.”

He has a point.

“But I don’t get his jokes.”

Elon Musk and his most recent crush, singer Grimes (Canadian Claire Elise Boucher) have something in common:  they blend art history with artificial intelligence to make the nerdiest, most niche jokes.

The new couple arrived at the Met Gala together in 2018, Musk in a white priest-looking tux and Grimes dressed as a goth robot.

Musk wanted to tweet a joke about AI, but Grimes had already made it.

Roko’s Basilisk is a thought experiment that questions the risks of AI, hypothesizing a reality where potential robot overlords take over and enslave humans.

Rococo is a style from the end of the French baroque period, characterized by ornate decorations, dense ornaments, and theatrical asymmetry.

Musk wanted to combine the two into “Rococo Basilisk,” which is a play on how ridiculous and complex both concepts are.

It’s a joke that only about two people in the entire world would probably get.

Those two people just happened to be Musk and Grimes.

Grimes made the pun three years ago, creating a character called Rococo Basilisk for her song “Flesh Without Blood.”

She said that the character “is doomed to be eternally tortured by an artificial intelligence, but she’s also kind of like Marie Antoinette.”

While Musk was researching the concept, he saw that Grimes had already made the pun and reached out to her.

The anonymous source said it was the “first time in three years that anyone understood the joke.”

After they both cracked up laughing, they began flirting on Twitter in the least subtle way, being super nerdy together.

Here are a few readily available facts about Musk:

…Musk has Canadian roots.  His mother, Maye Musk, is a Canadian model born in Regina, the oldest woman to star in a Covergirl campaign (an American cosmetics brand), and has been featured on the cover of Time magazine and the front of Kellogg’s Special K box.

…As a child, Musk was so lost in his daydreams about inventions that his parents and doctors ordered a test to check his hearing.

…At about the time of his parents’ divorce, when he was 10, Musk developed an interest in computers, taught himself how to program, and when he was 12, sold his first software: a game he created called Blastar.

…Musk arrived in Canada from South Africa in 1988, and lived with a cousin in Saskatchewan for a year, working odd jobs at a farm and lumber-mill.

…“It was a close call for me between the University of Waterloo and Queen’s.”

“I was going to do physics and engineering at Waterloo, but then I visited the campus … and, you may not want to print this,” he says with a laugh, “but there didn’t seem to be any girls there! So, I visited Queen’s, and there were girls there. I didn’t want to spend my undergraduate time with a bunch of dudes.”

…At age 17, in 1989, Musk enrolled at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, studying Physics and Economics for 2 years before he transferred to the University of Pennsylvania.

…He’s a good father with six sons: triplets, twins and one solo.  A first son died of SIDS at the age of 10 weeks.

…He has been married to two women (his second wife twice).

…He is famous for his need to be in love and for being unable to sleep alone.

…He spent his 47th birthday in his factory fixing robots for 24 hours.

…He loves his mother, who is a top global fashion model at 73.

…He sees no future in fossil fuels.

…He hates visible seams on his products.

…He swears a lot.

…In 2018 his tunnel-drilling company, the Boring Company, sold 20,000 novelty flamethrowers as a publicity stunt. They now sell on eBay at an average of $3,000.

“But he’s not political!”

No, he’s not.

The left doesn’t like him because he doesn’t fund them or show interest in their causes.

And the right doesn’t like him because he messes around with the stock market and doesn’t take classical capitalism seriously.

For example, he thinks short selling the stock market should be banned.

Musk donates to Democrats and Republicans only because it’s the cost of having skin in the game.

He seems to see left versus right as an obsolete binary and instead focuses his altruistic energies on ecology and invention.

“But he’s trying to save the world, and trying to save the world is kind of corny”

“Saving the world”  –  could anything be more Megan-and-Harry?

But Musk isn’t trying to save the world, only to make it better.

Musk has created three multibillion-dollar companies in four profoundly difficult fields in which to create anything.

And these companies are successful without help from the people we once considered gatekeepers.

Like other people who do lots of things, he’s too busy for elaborate introspection.

“But what’s the deal with him wanting people to go to Mars?”

He loves discussing the creation of new platforms for humans elsewhere in the cosmos.

He wants humans to be multiplanetary, telling Rolling Stone:

“There have been five mass-extinction events in the fossil record.  People have no comprehension of these things.  Unless you’re a cockroach or a mushroom  –  or a sponge  –  you’re ……”

So, I guess he’s expecting a future climate apocalypse and mass extinction event, but really though, aren’t we all?

*Nervous chuckle*

Well, maybe not.

But his Martian plans will probably happen soon enough, and if nothing else, will have spurred great general discussion on just what sort of person it takes to go to Mars on what is most likely a one-way trip.

Musk sees himself as a prime candidate.

Maybe he simply thinks it’s a cool idea.

Sometimes it’s just that simple.

“But he gave his kid a weird name”

This is true.

But Zowie Bowie turned out just fine, so why shouldn’t X AE A-XII Musk?   (pronunciation  – X Ash A-12)

“But what’s with him saying AI is going to take over humanity and destroy everything?”

OK, but what if he’s right?

The radio gave us Hitler.

The TV gave us Fox News.

The Internet gave us Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Russian ransomware hackers, antivaxxers and conspiracy theories and 4 years of Trump.

Maybe AI will happily surprise us, but Musk foresees only a 5% chance of humans being able to contain AI and make it safe.

We will possibly do this using the systems devised by his non-profit company, Neuralink, which aims to create mind/computer interfaces.

So… combatting potential AI enslavement down the road may seem quixotic, but frankly, why not give it a shot?

“But it’s like he’s giving up on Earth and is hence not being any help down here”

He’s done more than his share down here, if nothing else, making great leaps at reducing fossil fuel consumption, but I have no idea if he recycles rubbish at his house wherever he lives.

What if he didn’t?

That’s right:  that would make him a terrible human being.

We could all go jump on him and beat him with sticks.

“But everything he does is all a big scam for him to get rich on cryptocurrency!”

If you search for Musk online comment threads on, say, Reddit, you’ll quickly sense the presence of teenage male body sprays and stained gym socks.

It’s “Incel” heaven.

Adult voices discussing Musk are rare, and it seems the vast bulk of Musk commentary centres on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and yes, I can hear you stifling a yawn, but we’re stuck with these things, so we’d better cobble together some sort of peace deal with them.

Cryptocurrency does seem to be the one topic where Musk genuinely enjoys messing with people’s minds  –  as well as with stock market regulators.

I suspect that he doesn’t have a stand on crypto at all  –  my guess is that he sees cryptocurrencies as being interesting simply because they exist at all, like Klein bottles or those Japanese Kit-Kats in flavours such as pumpkin or green tea.

Regardless, Musk’s public seem to adore his ongoing dance of taunts and teases and hints and they’d have it no other way, especially with a crypto called Dogecoin, which is like Daffy Duck to Bitcoin’s Bugs Bunny, and the two are locked in an eternal battle for relevance, and even onlooking Belarusian troll farmers must be thinking:  “Wow.  We were going to fabricate a pseudo-conflict between these two things, but it looks like Elon is already doing it for us.”

“But at least it must be fun for Musk to have a worthy nemesis in Jeff Bezos”

Hearing this makes it feel like it’s the 1920s and we’re comparing Vanderbilts with Rockefellers.

But, having said this, I will admit that there is a deeply concealed dark part of my soul that aches for Bezos and Musk to even somewhat resemble that blank-eyed, walrus-mustached plutocrat who haunts the Monopoly game board, but alas, that is not going to happen.

I don’t think the Bezos/Musk rivalry actually exists, both just amusing themselves on social media.

It technically seems like it could be a good rivalry, but they both made their money in such different ways (and remember, money is a primary lens through which we view them) that it feels wrong to lump them together.

Bezos is like your mum’s leathery third boyfriend after her divorce, while Musk is your math tutor who won the Powerball lottery.

Zero overlap.

On Monday, Sept. 27, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO became the richest person in the world, worth over $200 billion, according to Forbes.

In response, Musk said he is sending Bezos a reminder of where they stand on Forbes’ billionaires list.

“I’m sending a giant statue of the digit ‘2’ to Jeffrey B., along with a silver medal,” Musk told Forbes in an email.

Earlier this year, Bezos’ rocket company, Blue Origin, protested NASA’s decision to award a $2.9 billion contract to SpaceX to land humans on the moon.

On Twitter, Musk retorted, “Can’t get it up (to orbit) lol.”

Last month, Amazon subsidiary Kuiper filed a protest letter with the FCC over SpaceX’s plans to expand its Starlink satellite network.

In response, Musk tweeted that Bezos had “retired to pursue a full-time job filing lawsuits against SpaceX.”

“But for real, didn’t he just win some sort of genetic lottery, instead?”

Here’s the thing:

Musk has a huge IQ.

He is measurably, scientifically, clinically and demonstrably the smartest person in any room anywhere.

He can tell you the square root of your Visa card number at a glance.

He can tell you, I don’t know…. Pi to a hundred decimal places.

He has mild Asperger’s, which prevents him from snagging on details and talking himself out of trying new things.

He’s the Perfect Storm who comes from about as middle class a family as was possible in the late 20th century, so you can’t beat him with sticks.

His family was like scores of millions  –  and then he became one of the smartest and richest people on Earth.

But when is this going to end?

Why can’t he just move to Santa Barbara and play golf for the rest of his life?

On 28 June, Musk turned 50.

He has at least three more high-functioning decades to go.

More likely four or five, so we’re not even halfway through this movie.

Right now, the good ol’ USA needs a real genius in charge and not just any ordinary run-of-the-mill genius.

America needs Elon Musk.

He knows we are all so screwed.

That’s why he’s bailing to escape to Mars.

Don’t let him.

Elon Musk is super-intelligent, hard-working and dynamic enough to save America and the planet.

And he won’t do that if you let him bugger off to Muskville, Mars.

This is the guy who sold his first startup for $307 million at age 27.

This is the guy who let you Pay your Pal and sold that business for $1.5 billion.

This is the guy who put a big battery in a car and now has a business worth USD$772 billion.

This is the guy who tweeted he’d got a dog, called it Floki and sent crypto maniacs into a buying spree for a little known cryptocurrency called Shiba Floki, a cryptocurrency that had been languishing in the doldrums.

It shot up 1000%.

Can you believe it?

This guy brings a dog into his house and the value of some unrelated crypto goes from $18k to $18m.

Someone is a genius — and it ain’t the guy who bought in a day late.

Smarter by multiple orders of magnitude than the Donald (Good Grief!!), Sleepy Joe, Justin (Good Grief again!), Boris, Vlad and even Merkel and Xi.

The problem might be electability.

No one will be able to “dumb down” Elon to appeal to the lowest common denominator..

Just ain’t gonna happen at all.

He will need a new joke writer, though.

America, this is the reason you need to legislate.

Constitutions are for amendment.

Amend that silly part about being born in America in order to be president.

New laws are enacted as often as re-runs of Friends.

It’s easy.

Hands up everyone who wants Elon Musk as president for life?


Okay, that’s nearly everyone — make it law, and bring Elon in.

Send the Secret Service to Tesla headquarters and bring his ass to the White House.

It’s a no brainer.


There is a town in the wee county of Clackmannanshire, Scotland called Dollar.

Let Elon tweet he is going there for his holidays and BANG!!!, up goes the value of the $ against every other currency.

Nutters everywhere will cash in their Bitcoin for the greenback —

America Will Be Great Again!!!!

What’s more

Do you think Elon will let all those lobbyists bribe him on behalf of the gas and oil industries?

No way, Hose.

In one fell swoop, he will cut those pipelines off.

Don’t worry, he has a plan:

In 24 hours the country will put up solar panels everywhere.

Electric charging stations will pop up on roads everywhere, like toadstools on a wet lawn.

Don’t forget his Boring Company.

Elon Musk’s presidency will spawn the greatest infrastructure endeavour the world has ever seen.

The Egyptians had their pyramids, the Chinese had their Great Wall — America will have the Hyperloop.

(A Hyperloop, as you may have heard, is a super speed ground-level transportation system in which people could travel in a hovering pod inside a vacuum tube at speeds as high as 760 mph (1220 km/h), just shy of the speed of sound).

Only Elon Musk can oversee the changes America needs.

He’s not a politician, an empty facade of image and PR.

He’s not a sociopathic narcissist nor a doddering, geriatric 78 yr old relic.

He’s not a vacuous pretty boy with a famous name and great hair.

He doesn’t steal or cheat  –  he’s the richest man in the world, remember?

He doesn’t lie  –  what he says is stiff and geeky but exactly what he thinks.

Some of his ideas may seem strange but often his ideas aren’t just good, they’re transformative.

He’s not an ideologue.

Right wing or left wing?

For Elon they’re both parts of the same bird  –

A bird on the Endangered Species List.

Only he has identified the six productivity hacks that will stop governments dragging their heels on things like Climate Change.

No talk, action only.  (He has mild Asperger’s)

Elon Musk doesn’t mess around.

Elon cuts through all the B.S.

Elon gets …. done.


We have one last chance to save the world.

If we don’t save it now, we won’t have a world to save.

Elon musk can be America’s saviour — the world’s saviour.

Once America has legislated and made him their president, don’t allow him to exit stage left to Mars.

If he has to stay here, he’s going to do everything he can to save the planet.

Once other countries see Elon in action, they will all clamour to make him our world leader.

It’s just common sense:

Elon Musk — President of the World!!!


  1. “Elon Musk offers to sell Tesla stock if UN shows how US$6 billion can solve world hunger” ctv article

    I especially like what he says about open source accounting!!

    The SpaceX founder posted Sunday on Twitter: “If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it.”

    “But it must be open source accounting, so the public sees precisely how the money is spent,” he added.

  2. You know what Peter? I don’t have to agree with you but I do enjoy reading most of your articles. I believe in freedom of speech and you have the right to your opinion. Maybe more commenters could use their enept abilities to create their own opinion articles.

    • Concrete Thinking is a highly literally way of processing information. People who tend to think concretely may struggle with abstract thought or alternative ideas. This can make them seem stubborn or inflexible. In extreme cases, it can impair their ability to make decisions or problem-solve effectively…or get a joke.

      As my professor of Philosophy at University of Toronto when I was in pre-medicine in 1966, said, “F..k em if they can’t take a joke.”

        • Sorry to shatter your brilliant insight but I can’t drink alcohol due to Asian Flushing Syndrome (AFS), a genetic disease affecting approximately 70% of people of East Asian descent – characterized by severe flushing and heart palpitations with even minimal ethanol consumption.

          Ethanol is normally metabolized to acetic acid by two enzymes.

          The first enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) converts ethanol to acetaldehyde.

          The second enzyme, aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) converts the toxic acetaldehyde to harmless acetic acid.

          When ADH function is increased or ALDH2 function is decreased, the toxic intermediate acetaldehyde accumulates resulting in cutaneous flushing.

          Over 70% of East Asians have genetic polymorphisms in either ADH or ALDH2 leading to intense flushing with ethanol consumption.

          This reaction is cosmetically unattractive and socially limiting.

          Very embarrassing drinking the blood of JC in the Eucharist.

          Many Asian people avoid drinking alcohol on dates, at weddings, and during business events because of this reaction and the perception of being drunk or alcoholic.

  3. I saw the starlink satellites in the north sky one night in the spring/early summer. Completely freaked me out. I didn’t know what they were at the time. It was this long stream of satellites, all evenly spaced apart, moving at a constant speed in an easterly direction.

    • As of February 2021, Starlink had more than 10,000 subscribers in Canada.

      By August, there were 100,000 subscribers in the US and Canada.

      In Canada, the cost of Starlink is $649 plus $65 shipping upfront for the hardware (total of $714 plus tax) and then $129 per month (no contract) for unlimited internet.

      The Starlink Kit includes all of the necessary hardware including dish, tripod, wifi router, power supply and cables.

      For comparison, a traditional satellite internet provider such as Xplornet charges $100 to $120 per month for a 25/5 Mbps connection near Erin, ON (population of a little over 10,000) and while there is no cap, you must sign up for a 1 to 2 year term.

      $115/m for 25/1 Xplornet in Frederickton, NB
      $200/m for 25/5 Xplornet in northern MB
      $120/m 25/5 Xplornet outside of London, ON

      Starlink provides internet speeds of 50 to 150 Mbps.

      Starlink is as fast as or faster than the fastest fibre internet plans offered by Canada’s major players Bell, Rogers and Telus (40 to 80 Mbps).

      Signals are sent through the vacuum of space are 47% faster than through the glass in fibre optic cable (300 million metres per second compared to 204 million) which allows for much lower latencies of 20 to 40 ms.

      • I had checked it out. I’ll stick with my current provider for now $70 a month…can’t beat that. I was actually looking at those box type homes not that long ago..a company in BC. When I get a good piece of land far far away from any so-called civilization, I’ll get one. Then I will get starlink.

  4. I managed to read your response to me on the previous article. I tried to respond but the article is gone. Anyway, thanks for your response. Moderna seems the better choice (I better have a choice). I’m back to 100% and am no longer afraid of having a virus injected into me. Didn’t want to do it when I was already unwell. Yea, there are other variants out there…

    Great article!! Elon Musk is one cool dude!! I understand Aspergers.

    • It’s like Texas. Your body is not your choice in Justin’s Canada. By the way, like 4 Western countries have already banned Moderna for young people. Last month’s conspiracy theory is next month’s obituary.

      • You know STEVE, sometimes it’s just better to end a conversation even if it’s by lying. Some people have a lot to lose if they publicly acknowledge/agree with some things…

  5. After your medical article of which you don’t have a clue and just bash people’s decisions and promote the division and inequality, I as a reader am making my last comment and have read my last article. I am hoping everyone does the same and you lose your job. Where have I heard that before?

  6. Well Peter judging by your long winded post elevating Elon Musk as America’s and the worlds new Savior, I see you haven’t learned by your past or shaken off your demons but have embraced them!….you mention Elon and his Canadian singer gf “Grimes” and I see why, there beliefs are in line with yours ……Elon an atheist or agnostic at best and Grimes reading Karl Marx and sharing her interest in polytheism and ancient mythology……right up your alley Petey……..I’m still shaking my head over your past posts where you quote your philosophers you look up to who say as they assume what God says to us….let me list a few, God says, stop thanking me…..God says, stop praising me……..God says, stop praying……God says, stop going in churches…….God says, stop reading the scriptures……..God says, stop asking for forgiveness……..God says, there’s no Heaven……..God says, there’s no hell……
    I could go on and on repeating your post in detail but it’s content is just like most of your posts that attack believers of our Creator and God ……as in your recent comparison of believers as to those drinking the koolaid referring to Jim Jones and cults……actually the hate you are spreading is more of a comparison to the spreading of your koolaid of hate……..this anti God, anti Christ spirit you are spreading is echoing the Scriptures that talk and warn of those like you who will come in the last days who deceive many………actually in a previous post you admitted that you don’t know if there is a hell or Heaven but people should live as tho there isn’t…….hmmmm who does that sound like ?……well petey one thing is certain …..we all will find out some day…….I choose to follow Christ the Saviour of the world and his teachings…….you can continue to follow your beliefs……..but that comes with a warning to those who lead others astray………I know you don’t believe that, but if I was you I wouldn’t want too either…..

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