Pointe Des Chenes may continue, at a loss


A pilot project to send a bus to Pointe Des Chenes beach this summer has lost money.

A staff report, asking for $11,000 to cover projected costs of the bus next season, identified ways for the service to be better.

Staff reported to council that an average of 19 users a day used the bus this summer. Bringing in $114. When questioned about the total cost to operate the bus by Councillor Bruni, Director of Community Services, Brent Lamming said the bus costs $464 a day to run.

Bruni asked what the $11,000 dollars would cover.

“That will cover the whole cost of the pilot, including wages and fuel and maintenance from running late June until just after Labor Day next year, so it’d be referred to budget so it’s an all in cost,” said Lamming.

Councillor Shoemaker thinks it’s a great program and appreciates some of the changes including reducing trips and cancelling trips on rain days that staff suggested for next year.

“I think that this offers a great service to people who might not otherwise be able to make it out to Pointe Des Chenes, which as we know is quite a trek. To be able to do it at such a minimal cost is a huge benefit,” said Shoemaker. “So thanks to Mr. lambing for the report and for the recommendations on improvements to the program. And come budget time I’ll be supporting the $11,000 budget request.”

Mayor Christian Provenzano also believes the bus is a good idea.

“Thanks Councillor Shoemaker, I agree with you. It’s nice to be able to get people out there to enjoy that park, it’s a great park.”

As this motion was on the consent agenda and that agenda was passed, the $11,000 will now be debated during budget season.


  1. Is this a joke? Taxpayers of SSM are being told right to our faces that we will waste money again paying for a proven failure because egotistical mayor and some council members won’t admit they screwed up. They should not make vision and mission statements they do not plan on meeting.
    Welcome to the Corporation of the City of Sault Ste. Marie.
    Our Vision
    To be the leading innovative, dynamic and efficient municipal corporation in the Province of Ontario.
    Mission Statement
    To promote, encourage and lead economic and social growth within our community through the effective provision of municipal services and the development of community partnerships.

  2. Run a pilot for a base level feasibility study during a pandemic with restrictions on riding buses and going to public parks, then finding out it was a money losing venture.
    And these people are our chosen community leaders?

  3. why should taxpayers subsidize a money losing venue? Because Council and the Mayor have “NO” respect for the taxpayer! Their motto is spend, spend , spend. Numerous incidents where they indulge in ridiculous costs. Overpaying for a chunk of property( strip joint) just so as prudes don’t have to contend with one in our city, operating a marina which loses money every year, wanting to spend millions on a plaza that should be done by private enterprise, yet they close down an RV park which was a viable venue which showed a large profit every year

  4. The city has a reputation of doing everything in half measures. The water issue needs to be addressed now but the city has no money to do anything because of mayor Pumpkinhead’s insistence that a totally unnecessary downtown plaza be built regardless of the hardships it may bring. What about the countless shot roads that continue to be neglected for decades, the need for more police and rehab facilities for the addicted?

  5. Bill, the daily bus is a different demographic than the water issue would address. The water issue would be addressed to Campers who are seasonal, meaning they have a trailer out there all Summer long and won’t need to take a bus.
    The bus is for people wouldn’t otherwise have a way to get out there.

  6. In the long run cheaper to fix the water problem. This city need people in office that need to learn money manage management. As we teach our children.

    • the city doesn’t know how to invest in a money making operation. Won’t fly past Mayor and most of council unless it is a money losing venue that taxpayers are on the hook for

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