Poppy turns 100 in Canada, Flag raised downtown


It’s the official start of the annual poppy campaign held by the Royal Canadian Legion.

The campaign is designed to raise money for veterans and their families.

This morning, at 11 a.m., the flag was raised in front of the courthouse to mark the occasion.

“The Poppy is a public reminder of the service and sacrifice of those who have served,” said Legion Member Pierre Breckenridge. “In particular those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Today the legion bureau through the Poppy Campaign distributes over 18 million plastic poppies to Canadians. They receive donations for their services, those donations ensure veterans and their families are cared for.

Multiple dignitaries were there including MP Terry Sheehan, MPP Ross Romano and Mayor Provenzano.

The campaign runs until November 11, 2021. SaultOnline/ONNTV will bring you full coverage of the ceremony on that day as well.