Rotary Club Ponders Drive-By Santa Parade

Santa Claus Parade 2018
2018 Rotary Santa Claus Parade. Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

The North Pole in partnership with the Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie is exploring the possibility of a drive-by Santa Claus Parade for this November, and they are looking for commitments of participation from community organizations.

“Before we move forward in our planning, we need to know that there will be groups and organizations interested in entering floats into the parade,” explained Chief Elf Officer, Phyllis Navidad. “A huge part of our parades’ success is due to the enthusiastic support of our participants. We couldn’t have a parade without them!”

Any groups interested in participating are asked to please fill out this form (click here) by 1pm, this Friday, October 15. By filling out the form, groups will be showing their intention to fill out an official parade entry form if they become available. The Santa Claus Parade will only take place if it can be held safely and in accordance with Ontario and Algoma Public Health guidelines.



  1. In my opinion this is something that sounds better in theory than in practice. Last year there was a drive by parade out at the airport as a fundraiser for something….. There was KM’s of lined up cars. Thank goodness we had picked up McD’s on the way out there, because we sat in line for a couple hours before we could enter the airport for the five minute drive thru. I don’t know where Rotary is thinking of holding this that could handle that amount of cars… but it was HORRIBLE last year out at the airport. Don’t think I would ever do that again! Why can’t people sit outside and enjoy the parade?? Plus, any group that has kids on the float is committing to having those kids outside for like 6 hours in the cold!! The airport parade did not end at the proper time last year because of the huge line of cars still at closing time. If our dance studio wanted to do a float, I don’t think I would want my child outside 6-7 hours in the cold for it… Please re-think this Rotary!

  2. Ok so they probably meant that the floats are stationary and YOU drive by the line up in your car with your family or whomever. It could have been worded a bit better though.

  3. A drive by parade? A very dumb idea but not even close to the Provenzano Plaza one that the city can’t afford without compromising many other things.

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