SAH responds to questions about their COVID vaccine mandate

Sault Area Hospital

After Windsor Regional Hospital fired 57 individuals for refusing the vaccine, we reached out to Sault Area Hospital for comment on how their own mandate was being received.

Many people in Windsor were concerned about the affect it would have on patient care, and those concerns have also been echoed right here in our own community.

Manager of Communications, Brandy Sharp-Young responded to our inquiry with the following statement:

“Sault Area Hospital (SAH) is committed to ensuring a safe environment for our patients, visitors and health care workers. SAH requires that all employees, volunteers, physicians, students, medical learners and contractors comply with our Health Care Worker (HCW) COVID-19 management policy.

The policy requires proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or a satisfactory medical exclusion by a physician or nurse practitioner. Our policy further requires any current SAH employee who is not yet fully vaccinated to submit to regular rapid antigen POC testing (minimum of twice weekly) and provide verification of the negative test result. In addition to the rapid antigen POC testing requirements, current employees who are not yet fully vaccinated (for any reason other than medical) must also provide proof of completion of an education session approved by SAH, as well as a consultation session with our Occupational Health team.  SAH required employees to provide proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or a medical exemption by September 7, 2021. Newly hired employees must be fully vaccinated at the start of their employment.

SAH has an excellent vaccination rate, with almost 96% of our active employees, 98% of our active professional staff (physicians and midwives, excluding locums), and 100% of all on-site volunteers fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Given the publicly published staffing level of approximately 2500 individuals at SAH, this means approximately 100 individuals in the facility are not vaccinated.

The statement continued, “SAH is working with our not yet fully vaccinated employees (less than 5%) to understand their concerns and provide education on the importance of being vaccinated in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Employees who are not fully vaccinated have been informed that the policy may change in the near future to require mandatory vaccination for existing employees. The provincial government recently announced mandated COVID-19 vaccination for all long-term care staff; although this has not occurred yet, we anticipate the provincial government may also mandate COVID-19 vaccination for hospital workers.

Additionally, twice-weekly point of care rapid antigen testing is not a sustainable practice and is a short-term strategy to assist employees towards compliance with full vaccination.

Individuals who are not yet fully vaccinated have been informed that their employment may be impacted if they continue to choose not to be vaccinated.  Any staff impacts resulting from a change in policy will be known, and SAH will implement contingency plans to balance any operational impact.

SAH continues to assess the environment and make decisions regarding the management of COVID-19 by following best practice guidelines and advice from public health to ensure the continued safety of our patients, health care workers and community while providing patient-centred care.”

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  1. Pretty sure the vaccinated can still catch spread convid! The vaccine is protection u may or may not be hospitalized.. Colin Powell double vaxxed just died of covid.. never in the history of vaccines has a person had to take it to protect others a vaccine is to protect u the person vaccinated… if the vaccine was such a good thing how come the vaccinated still need to wear a mask still need to maintain 6ft be behind a plastic shield? Why because u can still catch it !!

  2. Reality. Tired rebuttal. I’m sure you know transmission rates do decrease with immunization. Truth is infection rates are in decline due to the night numbers of responsible Ontario residents that have put the needs of the many first.

  3. It’s not fair to the public that has complied with all the regulations and have their shots to walk into a public hospital and be exposed to staff that refuse to be vaccinated. They should be fired for being so careless and selfish.

    • Ugh, vaccination status has ZERO to do with transmission. You’re as likely to get covid from a fully vaccinated person as from unvaccinated.
      Just like if you’re vaccinated you can spread covid just as much as if you were unvaccinated.
      You remind me of those people who boycott Wendy’s because their hamburgers are unnaturally square.

      • Everything you just said, is untrue. You’re much much less likely to catch covid from someone who is vaccinated vs someone who is not vaccinated. You also have a lesser chance of spreading it while vaccinated. I wish you uneducated people weren’t allowed to use Facebook, the facts you get from there aren’t facts.

        • That’s based on anecdotal and unproven theory today. There’s no proven causality regarding vaccination and transmission rates.
          Directly from the CDC’s website:
          “Infections with the Delta variant in vaccinated persons POTENTIALLY have reduced transmissibility than infections in unvaccinated persons, although additional studies are needed.”

          • I don’t believe you know what anecdotal evidence is.

            At any rate, the vaccine does reduce transmission, there’s plenty of studies out that have proven this. The issue is non-vaccinated people allow for a mutation ground for the virus, which in turns has been allowing it to become more of an issue, hence why there’s even a “Delta variant”. You Facebook scientists really shouldn’t be allowed any type of soapbox to stand on and spew your uneducated and unresearched opinions. “I did my research” – link me your peer reviewed research paper if you’ve actually done the proper research.

      • Wow, give your head a shake. You have absolutely no idea of what you speak.
        It’s sad to see people such as yourself spread misinformation and blatant untruth. And what’s worse are the sources people like yourself are getting and absorbing this misinformation from.
        If everyone had your thought process, we’d be in this pandemic indefinitely with no end in sight.

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