Sault Blues Society cancels Wednesday Night Blues at The Canuck due to “health and safety concerns”


In a post to their Facebook page, the Sault Blues Society advised the public that they are cancelling their participation and support for the Wednesday Night Blues series at The Canuck, previously known as The Canadian located on Pim Street. The Society went on to state the the reason for their decision was due to health and safety concerns for both musicians and patrons.

“Unfortunately, the Sault Blues Society will no longer be booking or promoting Wednesday Night Blues at the Canuck. The Canuck and all the currently booked acts have been informed about the Society removing its support. The Sault Blues Society regrets having to cancel the Societies participation in any of the upcoming booked Wednesday night shows as the health and safety of the musicians and our blues music lovers is always most important to us. We will update you with any new developments as they emerge and we can again share our love of the Blues in a safe manner, hopefully soon. – Sincerely, The Sault Blues Society Executive”

Numerous posts have surfaced on social media by patrons who have recently visited the establishment stating that they had witnessed a blatant disregard for public health and safety by management, staff and other patrons.

In a public post on Facebook from September 30, 2021, Michael Young wrote about his experience while attempting to enjoy an evening out in support of some musician friends who were booked to play at the establishment.

Facebook: Michael Young

“Last night, for the first time since last fall, we went out to see some live music in an indoor space. When we arrived, we were bewildered to discover that the large parking lot was completely full. We assumed that the band would be playing in the downstairs room, which is where live music events have usually taken place in the past. As we walked to the side-door entrance, however, we were struck by a couple of things. First, we walked past at least three vehicles with anti-vaccine messages plastered all over them. There was also a large banner hanging from the railing outside the entrance. It read “Join the Fight!”. And the room itself? Well, it was also full – wall to wall people, all unmasked – listening to a speaker blathering about personal freedom and government oppression and tyranny and blah blah blah. This was, unmistakably, a large meeting of anti-vaccine acolytes. I don’t know the capacity of that room, but it appeared to me that were at least a couple of hundred people crammed in there, probably more. Clearly, every single current COVID-19 restriction was being ignored, not only by the people in attendance, but by the management and staff of the venue. It was so crowded that, even in normal times, I would have wondered if the gathering was in compliance with basic fire-code regulations.”

Facebook: Michael Young

In a second post from yesterday, October 5, Michael again witnessed the parking lot at The Canuck near capacity during what appeared to be another large gathering where people could be seen coming and going from within the establishment’s lower floor entrance unmasked.

“Last night we happened to be driving by the Canuck, and we noticed that the parking lot was, once again, almost full. We pulled in to have a look. The “Join the Fight” banner was again hanging on the railing outside the entrance to the Canuck’s downstairs room, and a lot of people, all unmasked, were moving in and out of the room, and milling about near the entrance.”

SaultOnline/ONNtv reached out to both the Algoma Public Health and Sault Police Service for comment after learning several reports had been filed regarding these large gatherings. Although we have yet to receive a response from Algoma Public Health, Lincoln Loutit from the Sault Police Services did reach back out to us with the following statement:

“Enforcement in this regard is an Algoma Public Health and/or the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario responsibility. Officers will attend businesses, as per pre-COVID conditions. If someone is asked to leave an establishment and they refuse/cause a disturbance, officers then can remove them under the Trespass to Property Act.”

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has confirmed that it has received a complaint regarding the establishment and is working with local officials and police to gather more information.


    • Not a threat Luc.. you pop-off` in every one of these comment sections spewing the same seemingly ‘scripted’ tripe, one could easily conclude that you are closely tied, perhaps even financially to any-one of these rogue, corrupt institutions spewing the same coercive & divisive lies, that are bringing this entire country to the point of a violent revolt..

      If you don’t believe me.. watch what happens the first time a five-year old keels over & dies after taking one of these precious mRNA experiments. They deployed people just like you in Germany during the second world war.. those people also benefited both personally & financially during Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’.

      Those same people thought they were ‘hidden’ & protected from their involvement.. just sayin’. Read a book Luc & especially read the parts explaining what happened to those who contributed to those experiments.. lest we forgot.

      Strange daze indeed..

      • Tony, As far as what we see in media, I think we’re only seeing what government wants us to see. Remember when harper muzzled the scientists…I was following the salmon study and suddenly it was gone! I think something similar is going on here. I’d rather know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I doubt that will happen…a lot of bucks being made and thrown around to select gov. agencies, businesses, etc. You’re right about not being as anonymous as we might think. I try though…no cell phone, no social media sites (the big ones), no google either. I know my IP addy is known here so I do my best to behave myself.
        “Strange daze indeed..”

        • Similar? Are you kidding? What’s going on with this PMO shadows Harper’s muzzling. I knew people in Health Canada that were totally free to say what they wanted under Harper but under Trudeau aren’t allowed to utter a peep.
          Gag orders for all Canadian Forces too. Harper at least only muzzled a few.
          Trudeau’s going so far as so push bill C-10 the state censorship legislation.

        • Oh yeah, Jesse, gotta watch out for the thought police lest your social credit score be lowered! No soup for you!

          Cowardice and fear is the real virus we have to worry about.

      • you got me tony. I’m a board member at Pfizer. I just like to hang out on a small town message boards to argue with uneducated rubes for the fun of it.

  1. Where are all the environmental boxes we should have been seeing placed everywhere since this began? All I see are used masks strewn all over, no worries of this contagious virus from them. With the crowds I’ve seen in the last 2 years, I myself swore this virus was definitely going to spread rapidly and we’ll be seeing people dropping like flies all around us, not to mention the nonstop sirens 24/7 as well as a crazy shortage of ambulances to respond to so many infected people! I’m sorry if I’m making any sense here, so I’ll stop now before I add more sense!

    • Because it makes no difference.
      Vaxxed or not, both groups have the same spread rate.
      Now that we’re finally getting some time into the human vaccination trials we’re finding that after 8-9 months the efficacy of the vaccines drops to around 30% maximum, meaning it’s no longer considered significantly beneficial. That’s why we’re now hearing about a booster shot every 6 months.
      The group that isn’t getting “vaxxed” (gotta love those divisive labels to fuel things) are comprised of those who don’t trust it, those who can’t medically get it and those who have a phobia of needles
      Remember that we were repeatedly promised we’d be back to normal after the “curve flattened”, then we were promised things would be back to normal after the vaccines would be available, then we were promised back to normal once we got to a 70% vaccination rate.
      Meanwhile Canada is as of today 71.5% fully vaccinated but those goalposts just keep getting moved back.
      We’ll never get back to “normal”. The governments have too much power (with zero transparency and accountability) and the people have too much fear and paranoia. The mass new media outlets finally have something to compete with social media over. Social media has a new form of clickbait. New covid industries exist that need this pandemic to survive. TV shows have something to keep their plots limping along. Authors have a new storyline. Frontline workers have something to prove they’re important. Teachers & nurses have an additional bargaining chip, suppliers have a reason to inflate prices, etc etc.
      This isn’t going away anytime soon. Like Winston Churchill said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”.

  2. Kudos to the Sault Blues Society for not supporting anyone who supports the freedom and rights of the minority over the freedom and rights of the majority!

  3. the “Canuck” found a way to make it even less appealing to go there somehow and that’s special. the basement bar should have been condemned 20 years ago.

    antivaxxers are gross.

    • You are obviously one of those who watch too much MSM, your division and animosity being shown to your fellow man is gross!!! Supporting those who may have a different opinion than yours is not!!!!

    • It’s funny/scary how quickly Canadians got into lockstep and fell for the divisive techniques.
      This isn’t about vaxx/anti-vaxx, that’s the divisive trick we’ve been falling for.
      This is about the data we’re being presented and the timing of it.
      Wikileaks has found paperwork linking the U.S. military & Fauci to the Wuhan institute of virology where the virus “escaped”. Trudeau is suing the Speaker of the House to block freedom of information requests to show the link between the Canadian national virus lab in Winnipeg with Wuhan and the Chinese “scientists” that were found to be spies and removed by the RCMP and CSIS.
      You’ll notice covid data is missing vital things – like a breakout on ‘pure’ covid. Positive cases that are symptomatic, or covid deaths that were symptomatic with no secondary or tertiary terminal issues, asymptomatic cases that showed a positive but on a high cycle count (i.e. low significance), asymptomatic cases that tested positive and then in the same day tested negative (which are still left in the positive case statistics) – why is that?
      Wake up Canadians and ask questions! Why are we suddenly so afraid of questions?

    • It would be acceptable if it weren’t for all the ppl dropping dead from covid all around us!

      They say the hardest part about ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ is the first 18 months.

      • Dropping dead all around us, that’s insanely hilarious.
        99.8% of cases come to full recovery.
        98% of fatalities had secondary and tertiary illnesses that were life threatening or already fatal.
        The vast majority of symptomatic cases (which are actually rare) were among people who were infirm or morbidly obese.
        50% false positive and the test runs up to 26 cycles to find a positive (which is hardly a significant result)
        Many of the fatalities are tested post-mortem and were not symptomatic and the cause of death was originally causes like vehicle accident, cancer, heart attack but the hospitals are under a mandate to test ALL patients regardless and IF they test positive the COD is changed to covid (confirmed by hospitals in Toronto, Ottawa and the Ontario government as well as others).
        Almost all recorded fatalities for the longest time were in nursing homes.
        Front line workers, nurses, etc have some of the lowest case rates – shouldn’t they be dropping like flies? Why aren’t all restaurants where people are mask-less super spreading events?
        I’m not denying SARS-Cov2 doesn’t exist or isn’t potentially dangerous. I’m saying there are many many holes in this covid storyline and things aren’t adding up or making sense and people either are afraid to ask questions or are immediately labeled “deniers” or “anti-vaxxers”. Why does Canada need bill C-10 (state censorship legislation)? It’s not to combat hate speech since we already have lots of hate speech legislation.

      • SARS-CoV2 is very different from the flu, has been around longer and acts on the body differently, but it’s far from the killer the manipulation stats make it out to be.
        People need to ask more questions.

      • I truly feel they don’t apply logic to their thinking! Half hour of research would be all it takes. The fact that more people have died this year with, than last year without a so called cure, should be proof enough!!

        • This calls for an immediate liquor license suspension. They obviously know better but apparently do not care or they would never have allowed this to go on. They must be anti vaxxers themselves.

          • Guess it’s easier to throw a label at something than have any honest and transparent discussions.
            After all, governments would never lie to us would they?
            And governments would never make us to anything that would harm us, would they?
            All those veterans who were forced to take mefloquine “for their health” must just be making up, right?

      • If you look at stats can…6300 died of the flu in Canada in 2019, according to stats can, 15300 died of Covid and Covid complications in 2020….I am not sure about your math, but mine says 15300 is more than 6300.

        • Well let’s see.. Every year the mortality rate in Canada has increased.
          On top of that, suicides have increased significantly.
          On top of that, overdoses have never been higher.
          Flu deaths have actually been included in covid deaths as “covid presumptive”.
          So much of the difference is explainable.
          Yes there are some additional covid deaths but 98% of those were in elderly (LTC homes and the morbidly obese with 1 or more other terminal conditions (i.e. were already in the process of dying).
          Meanwhile in the past year 83,000 Canadian deaths due to cancer.
          50,000+ deaths due to heart disease.
          45,000 deaths due to diabetes.
          If you stretch every possible way and include covid in all cases (no symptoms, tested post mortem on all deaths including traumas, cancers) then we only saw around 18,000 deaths which is only a little more than annual car accidents.

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