Submissions accepted for Mayor’s Christmas Card Competition


The City of Sault Ste. Marie is now accepting submissions for the Mayor’s Christmas Card Competition. Mayor Provenzano is inviting elementary school aged children to take part in a competition to design his annual Christmas card by submitting a holiday drawing.

“I encourage all local youth to consider submitting a design. We received many creative submissions last year and we were really pleased with the level of engagement in the competition,” said Mayor Provenzano.

“It was great to send Christmas Cards featuring designs from students here in Sault Ste. Marie to the Prime Minister, Premier and leaders across our community, and I look forward to seeing what our local youth come up with this year.”

Three winning designs will be chosen as the Mayor’s official 2021 Christmas card. The cards will feature the winner’s drawing as well as name, age, school and contact information. The winners will also receive a gift certificate and a copy of the Christmas card personally signed by the Mayor.

Contest information, including the entry form, is available on the City’s website at: Entries will also be accepted through email [email protected] or can be dropped off at the Ronald A. Irwin Civic Centre reception. Be sure to include your name, age, school and contact information. The deadline for submissions is November 19 and the winners will be announced November 24.

For more information, call 705-759-5344 or [email protected].


  1. The mayor needs to get his head out of his a$$ and listen to the people that elected him to do the right thing and get the broke city back on track with what is really important.
    First thing is to cancel the overpriced unnecessary downtown plaza and apologize for his horrible greed and bad judgement then turn in his resignation and let someone else take over until a responsible mayor can be elected to take his place.
    This is one mayor that won’t be remembered in a good way.

    • Maybe you should throw your hat in the ring and run for Mayor. This continual bashing of the Mayor over the plaza is getting very very old. Keep in mind that it is not the Mayor alone that approved this venture…it was the Mayor plus the majority of councilors. On top of that, the decision has been made and we all have to learn to live with it. That is why we elect councilors…to act as best they can FOR US. We may not always agree but that is how our system works.

      • Everyone should be barking up that tree. This rogue mayor and his sycophant councillors are solely responsible for all of the bad decisions that have all but buried this ever shrinking town and they continue to make more bad decisions every day.
        No one has to learn to live with BS.

        • Agreed, this lawless renegade mayor is out of control. Him and the rest of council are like Alex and his droogs menacing town. Just the other day I heard rumour the wicked mayor stabbed a homeless drunk man who blurped at him funny

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