Town disables comments on social media to prevent spread of hate, misinformation


An Ontario town says it will no longer allow comments on its social media posts in an effort to prevent the spread of hate and misinformation.

The Town of Wasaga Beach says it will disable comments for now, but will continue to share community information on social media.

The town located on the shore of Georgian Bay says it’s making the change because certain individuals in the community have been using its social media pages to “bully, spread hate and misinformation.”

In a video posted online, Mayor Nina Bifolchi says the town does not want to give those people a platform to spread “hate and lies.”

She says residents are still encouraged to reach out to staff and council members by phone and email if they need to.

The town is also encouraging residents to use the municipality’s community engagement website called Let’s Talk Wasaga Beach.


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  1. Three reasons, deny Canadians the ability to communicate and organize and against Government Tyranny. Isolate and prevent Democratic freedom of speech and the ability to exercise our Rights and Freedoms under the Canadian Constitution. Restrict Government information/ policies from the Canadian Population and slowly evolve Canada from a Democratic Country to one that more closely resembles a Communist State.

  2. Why disable ALL comments if it’s only certain individuals? Why not just ban the offenders who bullying, spreading hate and misinformation? Bullying and spreading hate have no place and are not freedom of speech. I think misinformation could be questionable; that depends on the content and the writer’s goal.

    • because heavy handed moderation to deal with high volumes of user generated content can be expensive. sometimes the best option is to disable comments rather than forcing somebody to waste their time on wheat/chaff classification.

  3. And so it begins…….taking away our freedom of speech!!!! Bill c-10 is just around the corner!!! Imagine being fined or jailed even for your opinion…..its coming!!!!!!

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