Verify Ontario Business Kit


In advance of October 22, the Ontario government is making the enhanced vaccine certificate with official QR code and the free, made-in Ontario verification app, Verify Ontario, available for download. We want you to feel well supported as the app launches.

To that end, we are providing the business kit with material to help clearly explain to you, your employees, your customers and other stakeholders how Verify Ontario works and to answer frequently asked questions. We think you will find it useful!

The toolkit includes posters, social media posts, and answers to your questions. We will be hosting this toolkit on our Algoma Vaccination Support Council page under the important links section.


  1. Why are these people who claim to support small business trying so hard to destroy them?

    What I mean by that is that the more barriers to entry you put in place, the fewer people will make it out to support you.

  2. Great. The lowest bidding nephews who had an in with conservatives are now sitting on your data.

    It’s just a PDF bro

    It’s just an app that scans a PDF and collects data points correlated with your location services, bro

    Even people who don’t bring their phones out are now being mass geotagged, bro

    It’s just two weeks to flatten the curve

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