Community Town Hall with MPP Ross Romano: Part 1


Join Dan Gray for a three part Community Town Hall series where MPP Ross Romano speaks to viewer submitted questions.



  1. If you think the same way as I do and want him. Then why the hell do you comment about mg comment. I can take all the praise that comes to me. But just leave me out of it.

  2. Who give a CRAP where he lives.. I mean really??.. That was hardly the MOST asked questions.. the most asked question was; “Where is that wonderful treatment center we were promised ROSS?? Where is it? This drug is literally destroying families and killing people, and you’re gonna sit there and talk about your “renovated house on Spring Street?!!!” Omg.. I can’t listen to anymore of THIS CRAP! I want this a-hole out of office AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Useless. Completely, utterly USELESS!!!

  3. If Sudbury is his permanent residence he should do the right thing and step down from his current position her in the Soo and let somebody else get it that can give more effort and time too it. No offence to him but enough is enough.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up for me MPP Romano (and Mr. Gray),

    It sounds like things are a lot more settled now for you, your wife, and your three children. Thank goodness for that. It sounds like you’ll have to make a more concerted effort for your wife and children, MPP Romano, to ensure:

    1) your children’s strong bond with their grandparents in Toronto stays as strong as possible after all that your wife has done for your children, your in-laws, you and your entire family to establish that strong bond, and

    2) the beneficial “Romano Boys Time” spent on your 3-ish-hour drive to Sudbury every weekend with your boys, and which you admitted were, “some of the best times”, don’t evaporate into thin air because you don’t have to drive to Sudbury any more.

    You’ll have to make an extra effort to do those things for the sake of your famiglia, MPP Romano, but I’m certain you’re up to the task because I know from meeting your mother on my doorstep, during your first campaign (the by-election), that you’ve been raised to know that La famiglia è prima.

    Enjoy your increased family time together, but remember the other family times that you were luckily forced to develop during your “difficult” Sudbury time.

    Godspeed MPP Romano.

    Mark Brown

  5. Strange he explains his recent history in politics and family to which was researched by Dan..yet people still can’t accept it or simply choose not to.. I can’t verify all he said but I can say he does and has lived in the Westend of the Sault. As I’ve worked on his residence…

  6. Nice work Dan. Very informative. Looking forward to the next interview. Interesting how some of the commenters didn’t really listen to the fact that his wife is now permanently located in SSM and they’ve built a new home in the Sault. No need to dredge up the Sudbury nonsense.

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