Council asks for a Hallowe’en award competition

Dell and Boundary, October 2021 (Dan Gray/

As shown in our story before Hallowe’en, the spirit of the day dedicated to witches, goblins and candy lives on strong in our community.

Because of this, two councillors, Sandra Hollingsworth and Paul Christian want to have a friendly competition for decorated houses during that time of the year.

In their motion before council they noted the Christmas Lighting Award Program has been around for years. That program “promotes community involvement and recognizes the efforts of residents who light up their homes and businesses in the spirit of the season,” according to the request on the agenda.

“Organizing something similar for Hallowe’en decorations throughout the community may also lift spirits and create community fun,” states the motion.

Hollingsworth loves it and thinks this is a great idea after seeing how many people decorate.

“Over the last number of years more and more people are getting into the spirit as just to create some community fun and basically it’s just to recognize all those wonderful neighborhoods,” said Hollingsworth to council.

City staff has been asked to bring a draft program back to council by June of next year on how something like this would operate.

The vote passed unanimously.

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