Don’t throw away your pumpkins after Halloween!


Did you know that over 80,000 pumpkins are grown in Canada each year? And did you
know that well over half of these pumpkins are grown for decorative purpose only?

Pumpkins are a very nutritious food source and a valuable source of nutrients for our soil,
which is why United Way’s Harvest Algoma Food Resource Centre is trying to save them
from going to the landfill.

United Way’s Harvest Algoma is launching its 4th annual Great Pumpkin Rescue from Nov.
1 to Nov. 5. Harvest Algoma will be accepting whole and intact pumpkins at the Food
Resource Centre (446 Second Line East) in marked bins outside the building.
Pumpkins grown for seasonal décor each year are a perfectly good, edible, and nutritious
food item that can be used to feed those in need. In 2018 over 7000lbs of pumpkins were
collected across the community.

“The Pumpkin Rescue is a great way to spread awareness about food waste and food
rescue within our community.” Says Deron Barlow, Warehouse and Community Outreach
Manager at United Way’s Harvest Algoma Food Resource Centre. “It is also a good way to
get people involved and thinking about how other items might be utilized after their initial
use. Any item we can rescue and use to make meals and reduce food insecurity within the
community should be thoroughly explored and utilized”

A group of dedicated volunteers sort the pumpkins for quality and whatever is salvageable
is taken to the Harvest Algoma Food Resource Centre commercial kitchen. The pumpkins
will be seeded, carved, roasted, and stored in the freezer to become countless muffins,
cookies, breads, soups, chili and more!

Harvest Algoma can only accept whole and intact pumpkins. We invite you to compost your
cut and decorated Jack ‘o Lantern at the GFL bin located in the Cambrian Mall parking lot
after 8:30 a.m. Monday, Nov. 1 and no later than Friday, Nov. 5 at 4:30 p.m. when the bin
will be removed.

Join us in this food rescue effort to educate our community about reducing food waste and
helping us to create delicious food to feed those in need. Helping others can be delicious!