Ford Calls for Immediate Action at the Border


Today, Premier Doug Ford released the following statement following news of a new COVID-19 variant:

“I was just briefed by Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, about the new variant that’s been found in several countries in Africa that early reports suggest could be vaccine resistant. I have contacted the federal government to express my extreme concern about the risks it poses and the need for immediate action today.

We cannot repeat the same mistakes that allowed the Alpha and Delta variants to enter our country. Our best defense right now is stopping this variant at the border.

Until we can be certain that the vaccines are effective against this new variant, I am calling on the Government of Canada to follow other governments by immediately banning all flights and passengers from countries of concern. Anyone arriving before the ban is implemented should be tested and quarantined, including the many passengers arriving today. Out of an abundance of caution, we must also reintroduce point-of-arrival testing for all passengers arriving to Canada, regardless of where they’re coming from.

I’ve asked the Chief Medical Officer of Health and Public Health Ontario to immediately implement expanded surveillance and update scenario planning to ensure we are ready for any outcome.”



  1. Lets not forget that Provinces can pass Provincial laws but Federal Laws especially Mr. Trudeau’s Health Emergency Act can trump them when it comes to Covid -19. It’s also important to remember that since the Federal Government holds the purse strings and each Province must bow to the Federal Government demands. One really can’t blame the Provinces leaders because Mr. Trudeau Neo- Communist party really controls Canada at the present time.

  2. It is fairly obvious that these types of viruses are here to stay. We cannot stop our lives anymore. Get vaccinated and hope for the best. It is time for the government to get out of the way and realize we have entered the stage of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

  3. If the dummies keep voting him in he will forever pull this. Just like the queen Trudeau. I know people who voted for him because there parents told them too. That is a joke.

  4. This covid crap is never going away. There will always be another variant because that what biologicals do. They mutate to survive.
    How long are we going put up with this nonsense!?
    Ontario is over 80% vaccinated and was promised by Premire pumpkin head that we would be fully open. Other countries are. How much longer do we have to live with the fear mongering?
    This is never going away.
    Are we supposed to keep count and live in fear for the next 100 years!?
    So sick and tired of this crap.

  5. Can’t that little hobbit just keep his mouth shut and try to stay out of spotlight for once in his life. It seems it’s just about him and him only. Reality check it’s not, just let us live our lives in peace not fear

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