Homelessness up over 250% in Sault Ste. Marie in three years


A report going before the District of Sault Ste. Marie Administration Board quantifies the number of homeless people in Sault Ste. Marie, showing an increase of 150 since 2018 and includes the hidden homeless population.

On October 26th, over a period of five days, an Everyone Counts 2021 Point-In-Time
Homelessness Count, was conducted in Sault Ste. Marie.

According to the report, the count spanned five days and although it was scaled back due to COVID-19, the results are accepted as the current situation on the ground. Multiple community partners came together including, John Howard Society, Ontario
Aboriginal Housing Services, Canadian Mental Health Association (Algoma), and the Indigenous Friendship Centre. Sault Area Hospital was also a partner in correlating all of the numbers.

The report to the board states there are 244 individuals who identify as homeless in our community. That is an increase of 262 percent and the numbers break down as follows:

Taken from the DSSAB report dated November 25, 2021

34 unsheltered individuals, 42 individuals in Emergency Shelters, 55 in the health and correctional facilities, 94 living in someone else’s home, 20 in transitional housing and 4 living in a vehicle.

Approximately 21 percent of the individuals counted suffered from chronic homelessness ( homeless for 6+ months). This is down from 40 percent in 2018 when 37.5 of the 93 individuals counted suffered from the same condition.

Taken from the DSSAB report dated November 25, 2021

56 percent of those surveyed identified as male, 40 percent female, 1 percent other and 3 percent refused the question.

65 percent (159) identified as aboriginal, 3 percent (7) as veterans.

There are no children homeless, however 9 percent (22) identify as between 15-24. The majority of the homeless in our community are adults.

The full report can be seen at the bottom of this article. The DSSAB will be discussing this at their upcoming meeting, Thursday.

The full report can be seen in the slideshow below.


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  1. You what kills me.. is that they are JUST having this meeting now. Why?.. b/c it’s cold out and there’s all of a sudden NO WHERE to put these people?!! Don’t you think the mayor and city council should’ve thought about some affordable housing a LONGGGGG TIME AGO and not just at the last minute!? What’s up with all these empty buildings all over the d*mn place?? Huh?.. Why can’t ANY ONE of those be used to build some bachlor apartments or something? Oh wait, the mayor’s too busy drawing up plans for his “plaza” to worry about who’s got a place to sleep at night and who doesn’t! What happened back in 2018 when EVERYONE, excuse me, almost everyone.. except the mayor, knew we had a drug crisis! NOT ONE person on city council, including our mayor, did a G.D thing, not ONE! We’re not hard enough on our elected officials people!! WAKE UP!! Like my GOD.. 250%.. that’s disgusting! They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Awesome reporting Dan !
    I have been saying this since 2003 when I first ran for Council.I went over to Councillor Frank Manzo house and talk to him about running at the time for the open council seat in Ward 6 .Frank was a the lone Maverick on Council who held Council’s feet to the Fire .Many times he had the paper work from previous councils to back himself up.He stood up to the bullies on council and the rubber stampers.
    Since 2003 there have been different councillors.
    They all did what they thought was best.They Too thought they worked for the City ,not the Taxpayers. Councillor Manzo was the only councillor that was for the Taxpayers and always pushed for what your taxes were for what is in front of your house.
    Too many were for their political gain.On time on budget was bsttle cry for the arena .I The GFL Memorial Gardens was an example of political action.. I advocated to have the project put on as a Question on the Ballot .
    The Multi Million dollar project was a On a Council Vote .In that decision the citizens did not have a say.I believe that if it had gone to the Taxpayers it would have passed and we would have all the bells and whistles and not a scaled down version it is now.The Northern Community Centre was again another Council decision.Another project that got short changed .The Original concept was to to included the Twin Rinks and plus the appropriate seating for NOHL and Hockey Tournaments
    Taxpayers never had a say and it to would have passed with all thd bells and whistles.
    City Council has always been controlled by the staff at City Hall and the Nepotism that is embedded in the Culture .When the City’s Deep State it attacks using whatever means to discredit that Person .I was a victim of that back in the day in 2010 during my run for mayor .The knives were out The only media outlet who gave me a voice was Craig Huckerby and he is a a Stand up guy and he has your back Dan .
    Dan keep exposing them for the cockroaches they are.When you shine a light on them they hide.

  3. People are coming to the Sault from all directions to get free handouts and free room and board. Even working people are going to those free grocery centers for free food and whatever they can get for free. Since Mr. Trudeau became Chairman no-one goes to jail anymore , no-one needs to work and everything is free , just remember to vote Liberal.

  4. This city def has issues with homeless however when you add a new line (living in someone else’s home) with a number of 94 this is very misleading and completely in accurate. Using what was polled from 2018 its actually gone up 140% and that is still very disturbing

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