Mother issues warning after child nearly dies

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A regular night at work for Susan Crack turned to panic, fear and then gratitude after her son nearly died.

On Monday, November 22, 2021, Police and Paramedics were called to her home in the 100 block of Carufel Avenue around 9:30 p.m.  20-month-old Anthony-Donald was in trouble.

Crack has amazing family support and was able to drop her child off on Saturday night with

Tinfoil Package that the child ingested substance from- Mother provided.

her mom and sister while she went to work.

“They took him outside to go play, my kid loves to be outside, like any other normal child. While outside, they noticed that he picked something up off the ground and stuck it in his mouth,” told SaultOnline Wednesday.  “My sister took it out of his mouth and realized it was a piece of tinfoil, when she opened it, there was a purple substance inside.”

The night went downhill from there.

Child in the hospital, November 22, 2021 ( Provided by mother)

“They called me right away because he wasn’t responding to them, his pupils were the size of pinholes,” recalls Crack.

The family called 911 and Paramedics arrived “He wasn’t responding. He wasn’t nothing. He was pretty much dead. He was limp. He wasn’t nothing.”

They took the child, Code four, lights and sirens to Sault Area Hospital, where he received life-saving treatment.

“They Narcan’d him three times at the hospital, once on each side. So, like the nasal spray, and then they said that they had to inject IV Narcan,” stated Crack. “I want to thank all the nurses, doctors, especially his pediatrician, Dr. Duffus, and paramedics for saving my child’s life.’

Anthony Donald – ( Provided by mother)

Along with her family, who she is extremely grateful for, they all have a message for the public.

“Watch, watch, watch what your kid has all the time. It only takes seconds for the worst to happen,” warns Crack. “Cherish every moment, because in an instant it can all disappear. In Anthony-Donald’s case, we were lucky.”




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