Two Weeks of Dynamic Patrol Downtown


The Dynamic Patrol initiative continued for another two-week period, this time beginning on October 28, 2021.

Between October 28 and November 10, 2021, officers focused patrol on the downtown core between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Throughout the extra patrols, officers conducted the following,

Spent 26 Hours on Walking Patrol,
Checked 71 Businesses,
Spoke with 16 Business Owners or Employees,
Issued Four Provincial Offences Notices,
Laid One by-law Ticket, Spoke with 27 People, and
Performed 33 Vehicle Checks.
“We continue to receive positive feedback from people in the downtown on recent Dynamic Patrol initiatives,” says Acting Inspector of Emergency Management and Business Continuity Ben Bolduc. “Speaking with business owners, employees and the people of the downtown during the initiatives allows officers to hear comments and concerns directly from the people who frequent the downtown the most.”

The next two-week Dynamic Patrol initiative will begin on Monday, November 29.

Dynamic Patrol is an ongoing initiative to increase police presence in local neighbourhoods and near businesses. Deployment of officers will take place as necessary in various areas of the community.


  1. it has made a big difference with having the police on foot in the areas of queen street and gore street, neighborhood watches work also during the night hours when they lurk in the back yards at night. it is really easy to tell who the crooks are and forming groups to herd them off without the use of violence with a threat that they most likely will get hurt if they are spotted in there neighborhood repeatedly. this app on face book that people just take pictures and videos of them and posting those disturbing comments about the drug addicts and petty thieves is doing nothing but making many depressed and angry. it should be shut down or monitored better keeping out those extremely disturbing comments on them?

    • i agree with you, l lived here all my life, it has been pretty sad watching it go down hill the way it has been. most of us have had enough of this, and all it takes is a police presence or a good neighborhood watch to herd them away from making it too easy for them. this catch and release law has been nothing but a complete failure and made things ten times worse in the past 3 years of it being in effect in our city.

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