Unique company focuses on employment for everyone, regardless of status


Whether you are or are not vaccinated, it doesn’t matter to Jabless Jobs, company who is seeking to match employers with employees regardless of status.

In light of the multiple reports of job losses for those who are unvaccinated, and hearing from people who don’t agree with it, one individual saw an opportunity and ran with it.

His Western-Canada based for-profit idea, and now company, was launched to join individuals with the same ethics together. Vaccinated or unvaccinated doesn’t matter to the company.

“I was looking for a job like all these people I’m helping get employed right now. I’m one of them.  I was in their situation, and I might still be jobless… if this doesn’t work out,” said George Douklias, owner and creator of Jabless Jobs. “I was in an awkward situation with an employer… he was going to continue to encourage vaccination… I didn’t feel job security there anymore.”

Although the name of the company is catchy, they want everyone to know that they are inclusive. He just wants those employers looking to advertise opportunities and those looking for work to abide by the same rules, don’t ask.

“I decided early on I didn’t want to indirectly contribute to a two-tiered society,” said Douklias. “It’s about personal choice… I don’t have a problem with someone who’s fully vaccinated, supporting our ethics, who doesn’t support the mandate, wanting to find an employer who’s in line with their own ethics. I have no problem with that. It’s not about your personal medical choices. It’s about ethics.”

Anyone who is seeking employment is encouraged to reach out to them via their website.  Additionally, any employer who is seeking staff and for whom vaccination status is a not an employment-related issue is also encouraged to reach out.

Douklias said he looks forward to helping people in Sault Ste. Marie and across the country get connected to a workplace they can feel included in.

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