2021 Everest Canadian Seniors Championships – Cancellation of Two Social events


The organizing committee of the 2021 Everest Canadian Seniors Championship has announced the cancellation of two social events connected to this major curling championship.

The Opening Social, planned for the Canadian Bushplane Museum on Sunday December 5th, and the Victory and Awards Banquet scheduled for Saturday December 11th at the Delta Hotel, have both been cancelled at the direction of Algoma Public Health (APH).

“We are very disappointed with these cancellations”, said event chair Al Harnden.  “We have been working very closely with representatives of Algoma Public Health and the venue locations,” said Harnden.  “We felt confident all necessary COVID protocols were in place for these social events to protect the players, volunteers and staff.”

The cancellation of the social events will not impact the on-ice championship curling activities which begin next Monday, December 6, 2021 at the Community First Curling Centre.  Full COVID protocols are in place at the curling centre for each day of the major curling event.

CONTACT:   Al Harnden (705) 941-0820

For specifics on the cancellation decision, we suggest you contact Algoma Public Health.


  1. The event should be cancelled not just the social events… these recent restrictions have come with literally every exception under the sun… whats the point of restrictions when they are limited to 10 at organized gatherings “except”…. except…. excluding….

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