30% increase to out of town tipping fee


If you are not a resident of Sault Ste. Marie and wish to use our dump, be prepared to spend more.

An amendment to the User Fee’s resolution, proposed by Councillors Scott and Shoemaker, passed by unanimous consent.

“There are a lot of municipal services, like arenas, like our roads that city of Sault Ste. Marie residents pay for exclusively, but that folks in the surrounding area benefit from,” stated Shoemaker when explaining the reasoning for the increase. “So where there is the opportunity to charge a user fee for services to those who don’t live in the city…I think that the user fee should be higher than it is for those who do live in the city.”

When Councillor Nero asked why we don’t just increase the gate fee also, he recalled concerns over illegal dumping as being a possible reason.

Susan Hamilton-Beach, the City’s director of public works explained there were two risks to doing that.

“Yes, that is absolutely something that is a reaction often as gate fee is raised. And with it being obviously the proximity of Prince township to the Soo, we certainly stand to see an increase on our roadways and in our bushes,” stated Hamilton-Beach.

The other concern comes from being a border town.

“I believe we reported after the original resolution (In 2016), our proximity to the border really poses a huge challenge here. Because there are cheaper options for waste disposal. And so raising the fee in this situation may in fact lose them as customers, you know, and so be it. It certainly saves landfill space,” stated Hamilton-Beach.

She noted if we lose them, then the operation of the landfill falls even more onto the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie. She also projects we make approximately $13,000 off out of non-resident disposal at the moment and now with an increase from $77 per tonne to $100 per tonne, an additional $5,000 could be raised.”

The change takes effect January 1st 2022.

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