City refuses to disclose location of $15 million investment

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According to statistics provided by the City at the end of each month, someone is investing $15 million dollars into a single retail project in Sault Ste. Marie.

Knowing that Building Permits are public facing documents, we reached out to the Building Department to ask who was investing this amount of money in our community.

The building department refused to disclose the identity of the investor and informed us we would need to file an FOI to obtain this information. The rationale for requiring the FOI being that the body of the building permit contains information which isn’t public.

SaultOnline was specific in asking for only two routine pieces of information… who and where.  The request was never to see the full body of the permit. It should be noted that, when a permit is posted publicly, which is a requirement, who and where are on the top of said permit.

The question then becomes, why would the City not be willing to readily share those two items with us? Shouldn’t the City want to publicly announce the investment and thank the investor? After all it is significant sum of money being spent which most likely will directly benefit the community both during and after construction?

We have thanked, and publicly acknowledged, much smaller investments into our community in the past.

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  1. Could be Ben Pino attracted a large tenant for his property on GNR to surround the new RBC branch. Would be nice to have a Costco however, given my limited knowledge of their market requirements I think they need at least a 100,000 population basin to service.

  2. Of course asking a simple question in the Soo turns into… nah not telling. Instead
    it’s time to play… Spot the 15m Permit!!
    Dan asks the questions I ask myself in my head.
    Thanks Dan!
    Keep asking questions.
    *whistles* Wowee 15m is a lot. Lived here all my life and I can’t even hazard a guess as to what it could be, has to be a ground up sort of thing? Maybe? Some kind of ‘green’ sorta solar sorta energy type thing?
    Or a twisty tower housing type-thing? Rent is crazy high here.

  3. It’s all about our major ego mayor helping out 1 of his rich fellon friends out. It’s all about him and no other poor common citizen in this city. I think it’s time to elect a new mayor at the next election.

  4. It could be any large retailer,Amazon ,Costco, Meijer,Sams Club, Save on Foods,Sobeys,Great CANADIAN Super Store well a $15 million retail building going up is very noticeable. It will be a nice surprise for a very deserving Ciy .

    • The Sault doesn’t have any where near the population required for any of those retailers to make a go of it. Good chance that it is Princess auto in the old Kmart-Zellers-Lowes building. I hope they do better and last a while.

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