COVID-19 Outbreak Declared at the Group Health Centre


After receiving tips from readers concerned about a potential outbreak of COVID-19 at the Group Health Centre, SaultOnline reached out for confirmation earlier today with the following statement just received:

Group Health Centre (GHC) is currently monitoring an outbreak of COVID-19 within the Second Floor Surgery/Primary Care Department at the 240 McNabb Street location. Algoma Public Health (APH) has identified 8 confirmed cases of COVID-19 connected to this outbreak.

The Ministry of Health defines a COVID-19 outbreak as two or more laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases involving patients or staff within a specified area within a 14-day period where both cases could have reasonably acquired their infection in the facility.

GHC is working closely with APH as they perform contact tracing. At this time, we are contacting any individuals who had an in-person appointment in those areas on December 8, 9, or 10. If you are not contacted, you are not considered to be at risk in this instance and should continue to self-monitor as normal.

In an abundance of caution, GHC has decided to reschedule non-urgent colonoscopies that were planned to take place between December 14 – December 23. If you have an upcoming surgery appointment that is impacted by this schedule change, you will be contacted as soon as possible to reschedule. Apart from these changes to GHC’s surgical schedule, GHC clinics and scheduled appointments are currently planned to proceed as usual.

GHC continues to be a safe place for patients, essential patient companions, staff, and care providers by following all public health guidelines and best practices as determined by APH and the Ministry of Health. This includes patient screening, PPE usage, staff screening, handwashing, waiting-room capacity limits, enhanced cleaning & sanitation, and the use of virtual visits where possible.

All GHC Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are happy to provide virtual visits for patients who prefer this option. To arrange a virtual visit, please contact your Physician or Nurse Practitioner’s office.


  1. Suprised the super ego hobbit Doug Ford didn’t say or do anything about this yet. You know him he just loves the spot light and likes to keep things locked down. So he could use this to his advantage. Just saying.

  2. Always slippery language and hysteria, “connected to,” never anything concrete, just what promotes the fear path.

    Good gawd. We spent 2016-2020 dealing with alt-right nonsense. 2020 onwards seems to be dealing with the control-left nonsense.

    It doesn’t matter which turd bobs to the top, we need a flushing of the political toilet.

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