Fuel prices spike- again


If you haven’t been out and about today and need gas, be prepared to pay more.

From yesterday when the price of gas was around 144.9 a litre at most gas stations, Esso has now increased their price.

Over $1.50/l for regular gas can be seen at their stations. However a new alternative we wrote about earlier this month had their gas somewhere near $1.29.9 last we checked.

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  1. Maybe just maybe if the people in the Soo boycotted one major company like Shell or
    Petro Canada for several months they might smarten up as their dealers slowly go broke. I mean don’t go for smokes lottery tickets candy or anything else.
    Let’s Wake up Sault Ste Marie and start looking out for ourselves as obviously our local merchants don’t !!

    • No, Gen7 nor McDougall fuels reached out to us to complain about our coverage. However, we have been accused of advertising for both on occasion. So, I chose in this case to leave names (minus Esso) out of it. Everyone knows who I was talking about anyway!

  2. Of course the local monopoly (or what was the local monopoly) is the first to raise the price to over 1.50 per liter, and always the last to lower it. The wonderful new Gen7 fuel station that is found across reserves all across Ontario is still charging $129.9 per liter for regular. We all know who we are going to support from here on in.
    The 20 cents per liter difference equates to a $20 or more savings for many that are filling up, $20 that can buy groceries or other necessities.
    We’re tired of being gouged for decades by *what was* the local monopoly. No more.

  3. Why not name the ” alternative” dealer offering much lower prices ? He needs to be thanked and supported for offering us more reasonable gas prices. A short drive to the Rankin is well worth it.

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