UPDATED – Multiple accidents on Great Northern Road north of city (Pictures)

Vehicle in ditch on Great Northern Road near 5th line, December 3, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)


Injuries are unknown in two incidents north of the city this evening.

The one at Shultz Sideroad involved multiple vehicles which were significantly damaged, one ended up on the side of the road on the northbound lanes. The other was faced southbound in the ditch.

Police were on scene waiting for tow trucks.

The second one, was just north of the 5th line. It involved a large pickup truck which was totaled after going off the road into the northbound ditch and ending up against the trees.

Both incidents were in the process of being cleaned up.

If you don’t have to travel tonight, don’t, the roads in the city and on the outskirts are sheets of ice, even with the hard work of the roads crews.


Slippery road conditions have resulted in not one, but two accidents on Great Northern Road with vehicles on and off the roadway.

The first is in the area of Fifth Line and the second near Shultz Side Road where a vehicle could be seen on its side.

Please use caution if transiting the areas as road conditions are reported to be extremely icy with multiple emergency responders including police, ambulances and towing at the scenes.



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