Not sure what to give for Christmas? Branches of the Past offers the gift of family


In speaking with Melinda Sharpe-Hart and her husband Curtis Hart about their recently launched business, one cannot help but recognize the personal nature of what they are offering individuals through their business Branches of the Past.

What started as an assignment in an OAC class for Sharpe-Hart, her interest in genealogy was born and now has returned in the form of an opportunity to take potentially negative events and turn them into an opportunity to both support her family as well as serve her community.

Melinda was candid in her views on how the pandemic has affected so many.  The ongoing lockdowns and need for social distancing creating isolation and separating so many from their loved ones.  Then, when her husband lost his job due to effects of the pandemic, the need to increase income in their home became a factor.

A graduate of Algoma University, Melinda was freqently commended for her skills in research and her aptitude for History.  With the popularity of businesses such as, a solution presented itself.

In June of this year, Melinda and Curtis launched their own business, Branches of the Past, to help families connect with their roots and feel closer to those they are not able to be with through the development of Family Trees.  Branches of the Past offers many variations ranging from creating a Family Tree from scratch through to working with existing Trees, to add to them or to answer questions that may have come up.

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You can check their website or their Facebook page for details on any promotions or for more details.

In terms of offering the gift of a family tree for Christmas, they have said that development of a Tree can take up to 2 weeks or longer–so, orders intended for gift giving must be received no later than December 15th–and even then, depending on the level of research required may not be ready in time for the big day–however, there is still value in telling a loved one what is currently being worked on.