Two Greyhounds invited to World Jr Hockey Championships training camps


The Soo Greyhounds have been having a great year so far this season and it seems eyes are on at least two key players from the Hounds. Three Greyhounds are getting a chance to play for their country at this year’s World Jr Hockey Championships as they have been invited to training camps, trying to crack the roster. Let’s take a closer look at these three players and why they were selected to head out to camp.

Tanner Dickinson team USA

Greyhounds forward Tanner Dickinson has been invited to the USA training camp for the World Jr’s. Tanner Dickinson is from Perrysburg, Ohio and has been a key part of the Hounds top 6 forward group this season.

Dickinson centers the second line for the club. Tanner is putting up some impressive stats so far this season. The 19-year-old has 9 goals and 19 assists for a total of 28 points in just 21 games this season.

Tanner has taken some big steps in his game as he has already tied his total goals from last season and we are only nearing the halfway point. He is shooting the puck a lot more this season over last, showing he is more confident in his scoring abilities.

Dickinson has always taken some huge steps in his game besides his scoring touch. Tanner has become a smarter player in his own end as he has a +13 goal differential when on the ice this year versus a -11 goal differential last year.

Dickinson is not guaranteed a spot with Team USA however, he has a good chance to make the team’s roster.

Ryan O’Rourke team Canada

Ryan O’Rourke is a huge part of the Greyhounds not just on, but off the ice as well. As the team’s captain he is the player that leads his team into battle, for better or worse, he is the player the rest of the team looks up to.

O’Rourke now has the chance to represent his country. The Bowmanville native has been having another strong year with the Hounds, this being his 3rd year with the club. Ryan so far in 19 games has 3 goals, 13 assists, and 31 penalty minutes.

Watching O’Rourke play you know he is not afraid to use his size throwing some bone-crunching hits and forcing opposing players off the puck. He can cross the line at times however, you need defenders like Ryan who are not afraid to throw the big hits to bring his team back into the game.

There is not as much to say about Ryan’s game and that is not a bad thing. He is a smart defenseman who can chip in on the offense when he sees a chance to. Like Tanner Dickinson, Ryan O’Rourke will need to earn his spot on this team, however, he has just as good of a chance as any other defender heading into camp.

Best of luck to everyone

I honestly feel all three of these players have a good chance of playing for their country. All of these young men are very skilled and can be a great resource for any team. Whether it’s O’Rourke’s skills as a defender, Kerins ability to score big goals in big moments, or Tanner Dickinson who is really having a breakout year as a dependable top 6 centerman in the O.

Whether these young men make it into the World Jr Hockey Championships, some of them do, or no one makes the cut, just being selected is an honour for these players. Knowing they have a chance to play for their country, wearing their country’s flag on their chest, is a dream that any athlete hopes they can achieve.


There was a mistake in the original article and has now been corrected. Originally the article was written as three Greyhounds invited to World Jr Hockey Championships training camps when there were only two. The changes have been made and we apologize for the error.