City planning to be ready should government require assistance

Community members gathered to support Ukraine in a march downtown, March 20, 2022 (Dan Gray/

With over 60 Ukrainian refugees having landed in Edmonton yesterday and being provided with housing throughout the province, the City of Sault Ste. Marie is working on being ready, should help be needed.

If it comes to pass that the federal government wants us to participate in this process, and it seems to be that it does, if it comes to pass that Ukrainian refugees want to move to Sault Ste. Marie we will do everything we can to accommodate Ukrainian refugees,”

Provenzano was participating in a fireside virtual meeting with members of the Chamber of Commerce last week. He noted that earlier that day he had been on a conference call with many individuals including MP Terry Sheehan, about the issue.

“I think I, like anybody else on the call this morning would tell you. One of the things that are consistently happening is people are reaching out saying how can we help? What can we do?” said Provenzano. “Tom (Vair) was talking about senior groups that are already talking about what they can do to integrate seniors. So I can assure the community there’s lots of collaboration, I have a tremendous amount of confidence that the community partners will come together as we have in the past, and make sure we do a great job.”

He noted we are a community largely built on immigration and that we have a multitude of cultural communities which are growing, something he believes is a great thing.

“Whatever the City needs to do, we’ll do. Rory (Ring) made a good suggestion about transportation, bus passes and we’ll look at all that. So we’re still early stages, the Sault Community Career Centre is in touch with the federal government and staying in touch with them. And they’ll keep us apprised of how things are working and what kind of resources are needed. It’s early stages, but we’re preparing,” stated Provenzano.

Stay with SaultOnline/ONNTV as we continue to bring you updates on decisions regarding bringing refugees to Sault Ste. Marie from war-torn Ukraine.


  1. The poor souls. There isn’t enough affordable housing here already without more pressure being put on the already dire situation.
    Someone needs to make the delusional Russian madman/war criminal disappear and let these people return to their beloved country. While they’re at it if they could make the American delusional draft dodger/pathological liar/big time criminal Trumpkin disappear as well it would be greatly appreciated by all.

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