Gas Prices Make Another Leap Towards $2.00 / a Litre

This was the price posted on Friday at some Esso stations. Today, just 24 hours after, the price drops.

Just when you thought gas prices locally were easing up and stabilizing in the $1.74 range, some gas stations have increased the price at the pumps by almost 10 cents.

Esso stations along with some Shell stations increased their price of regular fuel to $1.82.9 late Thursday, Inching up to the $2.00 level once again. The good news is several stations continue to hold the line on higher gas prices and continue to sell at $1.74 / litre.

As of the noon hour Friday,Canadian Tire and Circle K and Petro Canada stations remain unchanged. It is not certain if other local stations will increase the prices just yet. A Canada-wide increase is expected next week as another installment of the Federal Liberal’s carbon tax comes into effect on April 1, 2022.  That increase will add another 4.9 cents to a litre of fuel. Those who heat their home by natural gas will also see another increase on their heating bills.

Prices peaked about three weeks ago at $1.89.9 a litre. Prices have fallen by 16 cents since then before today’s prices were posted.

As usual, motorists in the area will find the lowest prices in Rankin and Garden River.

Gen7 located on Gran Ave in Rankin is currently selling for $1.60.9 while Big Arrow Variety and Gas Bar is selling for $162.9 / Litre.

Gas and Oil analyst say the increasing turmoil in the Ukraine and Russia war is putting supply and demand pressures on the industry and will likely lead to more price increases over the next several weeks.



  1. A certain local monopoly anxiously awaits the opportunity to raise the price as quickly as possible and lower it as slowly as possible. Any excuse will do. Simply put, it’s legal robbery.

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