Health Canada issues advisory on Rapid Antigen Tests

Stock Image courtesy Unsplash.

The Rapid Antigen tests you have been using for at-home COVID checks, now have a health advisory attached to them.

On February 24, Health Canada released an advisory about the test kits.

“Following an increase in reports to poison control centres, Health Canada is advising Canadians about potential risks associated with the misuse or accidental ingestion or spillage of COVID-19 rapid antigen test kit solutions on the skin,” stated the report. “Health Canada has determined that the kits are safe and effective when used as intended. However, many test kits include liquid solutions with chemical preservatives, such as sodium azide and Proclin that may be poisonous if swallowed or absorbed through the skin, particularly in children and pets.”

They warn that small doses of Sodium Azide can cause a lowering of blood sugar, large doses can cause serious health issues.

“Proclin is also found in many kits. It contains chemicals that can cause skin and eye irritation, as well as allergic reactions. Accidental ingestion or skin exposure to very small quantities of liquid solutions would not be expected to cause the serious effects associated with larger doses,” says the release.

Small children and pets are most likely to have harm caused by the chemicals used in these kits.

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